How to Stop Overthinking! Scientifically proven remedy for overthinking

Overthinking is becoming a popular illness. This article talks about a practical solution to over-thinking that has been scientifically tested and approved.

Are you a victim of overthinking? Do you often find it hard to stop thinking when you wish to?

If yes, then don’t worry, you are not alone. Overthinking has become a common problem, with more than 60% of people around.

Overthinking is emerging as one of the significant problems on the planet. Most people are getting tired of having negative thoughts running down their minds for hours together. Alas! they have lost control on their minds.

When we are trapped amidst our grave thoughts, then nothing can please us. Most of us are surrounded with the best of conveniences like fancy cars, well-furnished houses, promising jobs, family support, yet we still long to find peace.

There are many suggested techniques that we use to calm ourselves down. Some of the techniques tried out is sharing our hurts with a close friend or family member, diverting our mind by hanging out with friends, shopping, watching a movie, etc. But, these techniques are only short-lived, leaving us stressed out and anxiety prone in the long run.

And, sadly most of us are delving deeper into deep negative thought every time something unpleasant happens. So, what should we do about it? We definitely need a permanent solution to fix over-thinking……right! So, what could that solution be?

Science has proven that the best way to overcome overthinking is to practice meditation for 10 minutes a day. I am sure you must have heard and read about it a lot of times. But, what you are not aware is the fact that meditation does activate your positive thinking centres in your brain. It also turns off the stress causing centres in the brain. Don’t believe—–read on.

Scientific proof of how meditation affects the brain?

Meditation helps the mind to calm down and relax. It rewires your brain by providing it the much-needed nourishment. Let’s take a look at a research done on handling stress, anxiety and overthinking with meditation.

A research study conducted at Harvard in 2011, Magnetic Resonance (MR) images of brains of 16 participants were taken before beginning the study. Then, these participants were made to attend a mindfulness program at Harvard University for 8 weeks. In these programs, guided meditation classes were conducted every week.

When the participants were done with 8 weeks of training, their brains were again mapped with MR.

Can you guess what the results could have been?

The grey matter density at certain important parts of the brain reported changes. This indicates that meditation has the power to change our brain mapping permanently.

Now, let us understand what exactly happened. Our brain contains a part called as ‘grey matter’ which is responsible for processing information. Grey matter contains the main part of the neurons (nerve cells) and is situated in the outer region of the brain.

So, it was found through MR images of these participants that post meditation:

  1. The grey matter density had increased in areas (Hippocampus) responsible for introspection, awareness, and thinking abilities.
  2. The grey matter density had decreased in areas (Amygdala) responsible for anxiety and stress. It means that areas responsible for generating stress were less activated.

It means that meditation enhances awareness, self-introspection and thinking abilities. It means that the next time when you are faced with similar situations, then you would react much more positively to that situation. It also means that your mind regains the power to take charge of the situation. So, there wont be any victim feeling any longer rather you would act whole-heartedly to make the best use of the situation in hand.

The other advantage of meditation is that it deactivates the stress releasing or negative centres of the brain. So, you automatically feel less hurt emotionally in a challenged situation.

So, basically you have mapped your mind to look at the positive aspect of things by regenerating grey matter in positive centres of the brain. Isn’t this amazing? Had you heard of this before?

Imagine a simple process like meditation can rewire or remap your brain to face the difficulties of the life much better.

Of course, this research study is evident in explaining how meditation can scientifically control over-thinking. This experimental study also proved that meditation could stimulate our thinking activity centres and deactivate our stress and anxiety centres.

I hope this was useful for you to read. I hope the scientific evidence was convincing enough to motivate you to start meditating from today. Now, if you are interested in knowing how to meditate and the best practices to mediate, then please watch out for more blogs on this website.

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