How to train my mind to remain peaceful and positive?

Peace! Who doesn’t like it? Life is no longer a cakewalk…..agree? You have so much to manage in short window of 24 hours. Our most addictive companion, ‘the smartphone,’ has changed the way we live today.

Constant pings, e-mails, phone calls, video conferences have left very little space for ‘me-myself.’ Of Course, we do have weekends, but they are only so-called weekends. The weekends slip out of our hands like sand in a fist.

There is so much to keep up to….

Your social commitments

Your family priorities

Handling kids, their homework, projects

Stocking grocery for the coming week



Doctor visits, etc.

Weekends are also packed with a bunch of responsibilities to take care of. Obviously, with so much to do in such a pressurized time-driven schedule, one can completely lose out on feeling strained.

I am sure you are able to resonate with this. It is the usual routine of everyone’s life. And, then when we get completely drained out, we head for a vacation to some outstation, bringing us some respite. But for how long? Are we meant to work so hard only to have peaceless days filled with worries and tensions?

If yes, then what are we working so hard for? And what about our kids? How are they gonna live their lives as adults, when we cannot manage ours today? Are you too pondering about this……good!

Well, life is surely not a cakewalk, but at least its sweetness can be enjoyed as long as we are destined to be on this planet. Read on to discover how you can fall in love with life to create the lost spark and magic in it.

Of course, you provide a daily dose of food for your body but do you nourish your mind as well

How many of us read on a daily basis? And, by reading I mean read some really meaningful positively inspiring or motivating books. Our surroundings are filled with negativity of all sorts, so don’t you think that we need to absorb some strong positive energies to cut off the negative ones.

Reading before going to bed is an awesome time to nurture your mind and soul. Read the inspirational classics like…..

The power is within you by Louise Hay

You can do it by Louise Hay

The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma

The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma, etc.

Pick up any book that talks about positivity.

Tip: What you read or watch on tv before sleeping is absorbed by your subconscious mind and greatly influences it. The vibrations of what you read felt or watched before sleeping is going to be radiated by your subconscious mind to the universe. The feelings that you carried to bed will be manifested by the universe and brought back to you as experiences.

For example, you were watching news before sleeping, and you watched news of terrorism, crime or some other unpleasant incidence. And, you slept off right after watching that. So, your mind absorbed the vibrations of tension, fear, distrust, and that is what it manifested while you are asleep.

So, it becomes extremely important to read and watch some positive stuff right before sleeping. Reading good books is an excellent way to nourish your minds with positivity. The effect of reading positive stuff before sleeping will have a profound impact on you.

You will notice that your bent of mind is automatically changing to positive, and you will start feeling happy and peaceful by making reading a regular practice. Reading helps you to develop the lost perspective of living life in a better way. The written words have a significant influence on our minds, which is why print media has grown so much.

So, let’s make the best use of time. The more you read stuff that is positive and empowering that much better you are equipped to face life.

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