5 Tips to get my little kid to do Homework

Well! Getting kids to do their homework is hugely challenging at times. The kids are still growing up and learning to handle being independent. Young kids are filled with curiosity to explore the world with their tiny little eyes.

Amidst helping them get settled in the organized routine of school and other hustle-bustle of life, getting kids to do their homework is daunting. Most moms have been worried and still worry about this bit of parenting.

I hope reading on further will help you sort all your worries related to Homework. Here are a few quick fixes that I can assure will help you in getting your child to do homework.

  1. Make Homework fun: Sitting on a boring chair and table set-up confined in a room can be boring for small kids. But, sitting outdoor or in one of your balconies can really look exciting to your child.

Always mingle some exciting discussions with homework. If your child is interested in learning about animals, plants or nature make sure to give them some really interesting insights with the regular syllabus.

  • Use tools to teach: Dictating words or writing words for your child to copy and finish homework can be boring. Why not make use of dough, alphabetical blocks and a blackboard to teach your child.

Use doughs to make alphabets and let your child follow the suit. Use blackboard to draw pictures and jot down spellings. This will be a lot more fun. Basically, you are tuning your child’s mind that even homework time is a really exciting time. Unless they grow up to learn the value of studying, these are small little tricks that will help you gain their attention for sure.

  • Keep the study window small: Small kids till up to 2nd or 3rd standards have a short attentionspan. So, work up with kids to make them study for as good as 20 minutes. Post which, it is more like a punishment for a child.

Don’t worry if the homework is not complete. I am sure in all pre-schools the teachers are quite accommodative and are aware of reading habits of small kids. If it is still a concern for you then try and catch your child in the morning hours to finish up the remaining stuff.

  • Say no to tutions: Tutions are actually not meant for such small kids. These days I see little kids being sent for tutions ranging from 2 to 3 hours. That’s upsetting to see, and it is horrifying for your child.

You may be struggling with phonetics at the most in early pre-schooling, but the lessons are available online for you to check out and learn.

  • Go easy on handwriting: I see a lot of moms send kids for a handwriting class. Writing cursive has become a mandatory thing in schools. But, really it does not have to be taught in pre-schools. The child must be given his or her sweet little time to get comfortable with a pincer grip and get going with writing.

Sooner or later, all kids learn to write. My approach as a mom is to let kids do what they are supposed to in the initial years. Afterall the freedom and joy of childhood will never return in their lives. And, regarding studies those who are willing to become somebody after growing up chart out their course some or the other way.

So, keep enjoying parenthood and let your child enjoy childhood as much as well. Happy parenting 😊

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