How much should my child study?

How much should my child study?

Studies have become such integral part of the kids schedule that they have forgotten to play! You no longer see kids playing freely out on the streets.

A normal day in a formal school-going kid’s life comprises of 8 to 10 hours of schooling, one hour of travelling and 2 to 3 hours of tutioning. This leaves kids with no window to play. Imagine a kid’s life how frustrating its become.

Though, in this competitive word I understand that studies are must. But, does competitive parenting really helps, or it takes a blow on your child’s self-esteem? Studies have shown that competitive parenting brings up less happier kids with low self-esteem. We will be talking more about this in my other blogs.

Of course the studies have evolved so much that a child is burdened with a lot to study. But, still we have some top-notch schools in India and overseas, that lay a lot of emphasis on free play post schooling hours. And, such schools still manage to be on top. You would see that students of such schools are also able to perform well in the competitive exams. So, there definitely has to be something more to studies to become successful.

Let us see what recent researches have to say about this issue. Well, there are no written rules to be followed but in developed countries, a child who is in first standard is not made to study for more than 20 minutes. The researchers suggest that you can go on adding 10 minutes to this time frame in every standard.

So, a child of second standard must study for 30 minutes and so on. But, in high school the children are forced to study for much longer period of times owing to cut-throat competition. But, do all kids studying so hard are successful in lives? Or, lets say all toppers are able to make their marks in life?  Or, you see that children with poor performance in academics doing much better in life.

So, how does this happen? There must be something more to studies that is defining success for all those who are not good at studies.

Well, don’t get me wrong, This articles is not to discourage you from making your child study, but to bring your attention to other key basic developmental areas that adds on to your child’s holistic development.

You must put a lot of emphasis on studies but, make sure you help your kids to strike a balance in their lives. Pre-schoolers can do away with studying for 10 minutes for about 2 to 3 days a week. Kids from 1st to 3rd standard must not study for more than 30 minutes a day.

And, kids from 4th to 8th standard must limit the study time to two hours a day on an average. Now, it again depends for how many days your child studies in a week. If the studies are done only on 5 week days than study time frame can stretch up to two and half hours a day.

And, for higher classes of course the input depends on career goals. So, if your child has chosen to crack IIT or CBSE-PMT, then there is no other way but to study day in and out.

Tip: 1. This tip is for parents with pre-schoolers or small kids. You must talk to your child in English at home. This will build the foundation of English language right from the beginning. You would notice that your child will be much confident English speaker and will also be able to grasp all the subjects well ( as the text-books are written in English).

Good communication skills ensures that the child grasps the basics when the teacher teaches in school. Such kids have to put in much less efforts in studying at home as they are able to make best use of teachings in school.

2. Make sure that your child plays much longer than the time he or she studies. Playing involves the development of motor and cognitive skills. It serves as a great entertainer and raises the happiness index of the child. The happier the child is, the lesser he or she will fall ill.

Moreover, regular physical activity ensures that kids remain fit and are in shape. Obesity is rising in an alarming rate in kids too. Playing activates the minds of the young kids, helping them grasp new lessons better.

I hope this article will inspire moms like you to cut lose from this unproductive trend of making small kids study way too much. Through this write-up I want to restore your faith in letting child have happier childhood days to cherish them forever.

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