The true essence of Diwali celebration

Diwali’s true vigour is experienced by frequent shopping expeditions, snacking on yummy gujiyas,  cleaning, decorating our houses to the best of our abilities, and of course, enjoying long holidays with kids and family.

Diwali being the biggest fest for Hindus, the entire market is filled with diyas, rangolis, crackers, sweet stalls, lights, etc. For kids, the biggest attraction is bursting crackers and playing around with friends on holidays. We often tell the story of the victory of Ram and his return to Ayodhya after 14 years, indicating the victory of good over evil.

But, have we understood the true essence of Diwali? We put in so much effort to dress well, and we purchase so many gifts to exchange with our family and friends. But, are we able to carry on this excitement for long?

Diwali has become more like a contest to showcase the best of diyas and decorative items in the house. But internally, there is no progress ever made to brighten our inner beings.

The true essence of Diwali

In the real sense, Diwali is celebrated to depict self-enlightenment. It represents our consciousness of being in the true state of human beings, which is the state of joy, happiness, and contentment. Diwali is the festival of happiness and joy. But, alas! Our happiness or joy is restricted to just one or two days.

We are constantly working on our exterior selves totally ignoring the inner selves. The lighting of diyas actually symbolises self-enlightenment as a point of light through the soul.

Diwali comes to remind us that we are happy joyous beings who were created to live happily in peace forever. But, somewhere down the line, we forgot the real essence of life and nowadays, festivals have reduced to just showbiz.

We still light the best looking decorative diyas without working on our minds. This is why our happiness is only till when the festival lasts, and post-which we are back with the regular stress of making our ends meet.

So, let’s promise to ourselves that this Diwali we will light up our souls with true knowledge and happiness. We must pledge that we will find happiness in our current circumstances, no matter what they are. And, let’s teach our kids to raise their happiness index from this Diwali, which will attract things in their lives to make them happier and happier.

Happiness is the best medicine for the body, mind, and soul! By remaining happy, you are making your aura strong and positive. You might not know how much good flows into your life by just choosing to stay happy at all times.


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