Can forgiveness prevent heart diseases?

                                                      ‘Forgiveness is divine.’

Yes, you read it right! Recent researches done by the Psychologist Bon Enright at the University of Washington have shown that forgiveness reduces depression and anxiety. It also helps to get rid of major psychiatric challenges. The study further went on to suggest that forgiveness is like magic and even lowers the mortality rate.

The best cardiologists around the world have tried to work backward in figuring out the psychosomatic causes of major heart problems. You would be surprised to know that people with myocardial infarctions (heart attack) have prolonged depressions, hatred, and anger.

When you are a victim of politics or have had a breakup, or have been mistreated by someone, or somebody took advantage of you or tried to hurt you …….then what kind of thoughts run down your mind?

You feel hurt by that person

You develop hatred towards that person.

You feel annoyed

You develop vengeance and think of harming the person

You may even go to the extent of wishing that something wrong happens to that person who hurt you

Thus, these emotions like anger and hatred may lead to chronic stress, which may, in turn, result in depression. These emotions together sum up to cause cardiotoxicity indicating serious risk.Such people with negative traits also develop resistance towards treatment worsening the situation further.

What kind of people must watch out for cardiac ailments?

People with Type A personality are very aggressive and competitive. Such people tend to develop stress a lot more than otherwise. There is another set of people with Type D personality, who are extremely negative, sad and gloomy. Both these categories of people have a high chance of developing heart trouble in the later stages.  

Why do you think it is so?

This is so because such people who are either egoistic or are negative thinkers, lack the power to forgive. They take every small and big thing to their hearts and end up punishing people who hurt them in their minds. But, what they do not know is that by not forgiving and punishing others in their minds, they are actually punishing their own selves.

Like I said the negative emotions end up creating toxins in the body. Such toxins not just impact the mind but also deteriorate our physical health.

There was an experiment done by scientists on water recently. They took two glasses of water from the same source. On one glass they wrote ‘LOVE’ and on the other they wrote ‘HATE’. They kept aside the glasses for two days without disturbing them.

They examined the water quality of both the glasses with a microscope. The glass with ‘LOVE’ written on it developed beautiful golden crystals whereas the glass with ‘HATE’ written on it developed black coloured crystals in it.


The source of water, the glasses, the environment everything else was same for both the glasses. The only thing that was different was that one glass had the energy of the word ‘LOVE’, and the other  absorbed the energy of the word ‘HATE’.

So, imagine the power that each word or thought carries in our lives. And, now think how much water our body carries. 80% of our body is made up of water just water………..So, what do you think will the effect of hatred be in our body?

And, hatred is the first by-product that comes when you are not able to forgive people who have done wrong to you. Or, sometimes you are not able to forgive yourself because you think you were extremely foolish or ignorant to have done something that you dislike now.

But, are we actually not pushing our bodies closer to serious illnesses by not choosing to forgive. And, just by forgiving people in our minds, we tend to become so much powerful, peaceful and positive. Also we claim our self-esteem which is apparently lost in today’s world. People have started looking at themselves from others eyes.

You want to dress well more to impress people around and not because you feel better when you are properly dressed.

You want to look thin because people are harsh towards obese people.

You want to speak English fluently because you want get accepted socially.

You want to own a posh car, so that people accept you as rich or affluential class.

And, supposedly despite all this, people don’t appreciate your being well-dressed, or they don’t consider you as rich as they are, or  they still find fault with your language, then you start disliking those people and find it difficult to forgive them for their rude behaviour.

But, now that you know what may happen to you when you hold on to anger or hatred for too long, you might consider reprogramming your mind to forgive all those you were mean to you.

It is truly said, ‘Forgiveness is divine’ It makes us healthier and a lot more happier. Forgiveness empowers us in every way’. And, you must forgive for the sake of your own heart which is the reason why you are alive today.

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