Forgiveness as a tool to create good health

The state of forgiveness is when you freely flow in your present and enjoy yourself thoroughly. But, when you are not happy in the present moment, then you are definitely operating from the place of guilt, resentment, anger, sorrow, or jealousy.

We, as human beings are born to be the master creators of life where we have the choice to create peace, happiness, and joy in our lives. But, we end up creating a whole lot of negative emotions for people with whom we have encountered unpleasant experiences.

Well, there is no denying that forgiveness is the key to a healthy mind and a healthy body. When we hold on to negative emotions, it creates negative energy inside our bodies. This negative energy is absorbed by every single cell of the body. Trillions of cells of your body which have been working tirelessly to enable you to live comfortably so far end up feeling negative and unwanted. Imagine what impact it will have on your health in the longer run.

On the other hand, when you forgive people you make peace with your past. You create positive energies in your mind, which empowers your mind, and helps you to take charge of your emotions and feelings. You take back the power of how you feel from others by forgiving them.

            A real-life example of how forgiveness dissolved cancer

Anger, resentment, and guilt, if held for many years, can manifest into health diseases as worse as cancer.

Louise hay is a very good example of this. She is a lady who became one of the best motivational speaker and mind trainer in the world. But, she was not the same always. She was a poor lady, who got divorced from her husband and carried a lot of guilt and sadness inside. She was tired of endless struggles in her life.

In her 50’s, she was diagnosed with an advanced stage of vaginal cancer. Just then, she had started learning about how by thinking positive you can change your health for better. So, she decided to seriously experiment with this information.

She gave herself two months to test how positivity can change your life for the better. She found out the hidden negative emotions that she had been holding since childhood. It is these emotions that were holding her in becoming positive about life.

She had been a victim of sexual harassment in life and carried the guilt, resentment, anger, frustration, and hatred all her life. She worked meticulously on her inner self, her mind to get rid of all these feelings. It meant forgiving the culprit who mistreated her as a child and because of which she had to flee from her house.

It also meant forgiving all those people who were harsh, rude, and mean to her when she left home. She had a divorce, which left her broke after 14 years of marriage. She had to forgive her ex-husband, her circumstances, and a whole set of unpleasant things that had been happening to her ever since she was born.

The moment she forgave like genuinely forgave people who wronged her; she started seeing healing happening in her body. She started feeling a lot better and happier. She then realized the power of positive thinking and immediately resumed a lot of self-positive talks to heal her body.

As expected, the results started showing up, and her tumour vanished in a few weeks. This is what the power of forgiveness is, which is why we refer to forgiveness as being divine. But, it is easier said than done. You have to operate from the core of your heart and soul to forgive people who have hurt you in the past. Post forgiveness, you don’t hold any grudge against them and instead remember them with love.

There are many live examples where people have cured their permanent illnesses using their power of forgiveness and love. So, please remember that forgiveness brings immense power to you and helps you to live longer. It helps you to move ahead in life and enjoy it to the fullest without any bitterness.

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