Be rich, be happy- A myth or reality?

Today life has merely reduced to a Facebook update. Most of us are living shallow lives, maintaining shallow relationships and just pretending to be happy. In reality, living a healthy, fulfilling life is like a dream for many.

Each one of us has some long-standing or deep-seated desires in our hearts to be fulfilled. And, we keep postponing our happiness till we achieve those long seated desires.

So, when are we gonna be truly happy? Think about it! We are losing our today longing for a better tomorrow. But, the present moments only sum to form a beautiful tomorrow, so if today is not beautiful then how can our tomorrow be beautiful?

But, despite knowing all this we are still not happy. So, in this blog, let us understand the biggest reason that is pulling us from being happy, which I think is a lack of economic freedom.

The research statistics show that lack of economic freedom is assumed to be the biggest reason for not being happy. But, is this really true? Well, let’s find out.

We think that the rich can buy they can buy anything in the world- the best holidays, the best hotels, the best outfits, the best luxuries in all. Of course, they do, but then the value of everything around is reduced to nothing when you have billions of rupees to throw away. Have you heard of billionaires who walk in their Pyjamas to 7-star hotels? Why do you think they do it?

They do it because they think there is nothing left to prove to the world.

And, by the way, have you ever pondered that, if rich were so happy then why would they end up with loneliness, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, and stuff like that. Don’t believe me, here are a few real-life stories to support what I just said:

  • Steve Jobs: Apparently, he was extremely upset due to his ill-health, which made him feel helpless, lonely and depressed.
  • Dong Nguyen: He invented a game called flappy bird, and the game became an instant hit. But, instead of enjoying his success he took the game off the air in the next 22 hours. People still don’t understand his reaction to instant fame.
  • Buzz Aldrin: He was the second man on the moon, and no doubt was blessed with a lot of fame and money. He was a victim of depression and alcoholism.
  • Famous actors like Deepika Padukone, Johnny Depp, Chris Evans, Anjelina Jolie, Shahrukh Khan, Karan Johar, Harrison Ford, etc. have battled depression for a long time and have put their happiness on stake. They own all the luxuries of the world, so why at all they got into feeling upset and depressed?

So, does money really make you happy? Of course instant gains do make us feel nice, but can money help in maintaining our happiness forever?

In one of the recent researches done by Harvard Business Review, it was found that the rich were not as happy as they were expected to be. Yes, you would be surprised to know this.

The experiments were done to study the behaviour of rich and wealthy.  The study clearly showed  that rich people developed certain negative traits after become wealthy. But, don’t we expect them to be full of life, jovial and laughing?

Most of them were seen to grow dominating and arrogant over time. Others found solace in alcohol and drugs. But, why should a person develop addiction if he is happy, ever thought that? The research study clearly showed that money could not kick in positive responses in our brains. Instead, if we don’t stay grounded than it may make us mean, arrogant and dominating.

This experiment showed that the rich were less happy than their poor counterparts, as they became meaner in approach and lost the true essence of life. It does not mean that every rich person grows to become mean or selfish; it was a generalized study done to check the psychology of people who became instantly wealthy. In real life, we come across some rich people who are extremely generous and happy and also rich people battling depression, sadness, addictions, etc.

So, what I mean to say here is that staying happy is a personal choice! You can be happy with what you have and then make an effort to grab more, or you can be bitter about not being lucky and struggle to earn more with this grudge inside.

Unfortunately,  95% of people don’t understand this reality about life before becoming rich. I hope you know that money cannot buy the most precious things in life which are happiness, peace, and freedom.

So, free yourself from the guilt of not having enough money, as once you are in a state of constant happiness, then money will automatically flow into your lives. This is a proven law!

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