How to stop my child from asking for toys all the time?

Do you end up buying toys for your kids out of excitement or out or your child’s constant persistence? Every time you step out shopping, do your kids demand a new toy or dress? No matter how much you try to stop them from buying unnecessary things, they just don’t pay any heed to you.

You see your child pleading, pleasing, and constantly demanding to buy things another barbie or another toy car or just another bag, etc. Kids are these small little cute persistent beings who just don’t give up on their demands.

And, no matter whether you spank them, you scold them, or you are annoyed with them; you just can’t win over them. Though buying things for our little wonders seem so fulfilling and exciting, yet their constant demands can be worrisome.

The time when we were kids was strikingly different than the current times. You realize this only when your child grows up a bit, and you see him interact with kids around.

What I have personally seen happening is that initially, we are still able to control our kids’ demand, but when the kids mingle with other kids then it’s a different story altogether. Kids are these innocent beings with no understanding of their own; they just want anything that their friends possess or their classmates possess.

 So, how do we tame down our kids to keep their desires in check? Or, how to make them happily accept a book or some other useful toy over the one they are desperately wanting.

Let’s decode the practical parenting tips here to help your child stop asking for things all the time.

Engage your child: Once the child is back from school, he should either be allowed to have plenty of free play time, or he should be put in some activity of his choice. This will engage the child in learning activities, which will make him inclined towards buying stuff to support his learning. And, no parent would ever mind buying skates if the child loves skating.

Say NO to TV: Usually, kids get into the habit of watching TV soon after coming back from school. The more they see those waste advertisements on TV, the more items get added to their list.

TV is a very strong medium which influences your little one’s mind. And by the way, did you know that watching too much TV weakens or rots your little one’s mind. TV captures full attention of the kids, and if watched for prolonged hours, it can even bring anatomical changes in their brains. This has been proven by science.

I know keeping kids off screens, tv’s Ipads is a tough fight, but I believe in fighting the bad evils as early as possible. And, believe me, it is not so tough, once you have your focus right and your own habits in place.

Get Creative: Get creative with your kid. You must involve your child in making toys with clay, or making hangings or any decorative stuff at home. Readout good storybooks to them regularly, engage them in gardening, house cleaning, etc.

Kids love creativity in various forms. You just need to tab their interests and based on that channelize their energies to doing something more productive for at least 3 to 4 times a week. You would see some amazing bonding happening with your child, and he will respond to things so much more creatively.

Invent new ways of playing with the same toys: As a parent, you need to be smart enough to tackle your child. Children get easily bored with their new toys and thus keep asking for more.

You can suggest new ways of playing with the same old toys to help their interest last longer.

For Example: The usual Barbie game or a doll game can be played as cops and thieves, as doctors and patients, as teachers and students, etc. Or, the toy car can an ambulance or a police jeep at times.

Of course, you will have to give cues to your child, but it will make things so much more easy.

Opt for healthy habits: Kids observe and learn the most from us, their parents. So the change needs to start with us. Watching TV, eating junk food, shopping impulsively is something that we must check.

Our kids only do what they see us doing. So our actions must always be positive and in support of healthy living.

Don’t go to malls every time you shop: Malls are a really tempting place designed to captive the minds of potential buyers. Going to malls every time shopping is not wise else you would surely end up making your kids feed junk or buying unwanted stuff which was off your list.

Of course, shopping is always good. Keep buying new toys and educational stuff for your kids but the kids must not be pampered so much so that they become too demanding.

Moreover, it is also our duty as a parent to help our child grow up to become satisfied and contented being. I hope this was useful to young moms and dads out there. Please don’t forget to ping me about your ideas of stopping kids to keep asking for new toys every time.

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