How to say ‘NO’ to Anxiety?

I know it may sound funny but guess what anxiety is younger brother of depression. Prolonged anxiety can lead to depression in us. But, what to do we end up getting anxious about every small or big challenge in life these days.

Life in this tech-driven era has become like a roller-coaster ride. Not a single day passes by without getting sad, fearful, dis-heartened or anxious about things around. And, the biggest factor which creates stress is lack o time. We always see the clock ticking on your heads. But, who is to be blamed?

Nobody actually! Life is like that! We have together created this fast-paced high tech world with complexities of all sorts. Each one of us is responsible for whatever is happening around and for whatever is happening with in us.

Yes, it is just that we are unaware of our actions while doing them. But, our actions are smart enough to bring back equal and opposite reactions to what we gave out. Haven’t we grown up reading this in Physics?

But, today you will find people developing panic attacks and anxiety for every little thing. This is so because life has become so unpredictable. Let’s see what kind of thoughts cause anxiety on a daily basis:

  • Feeling scared of whether you would be able to reach safely while travelling by train or flight.
  • Feeling scared of meeting with accident while travelling on road.
  • Anxious whether your child is safe in school or in tution class.
  • Anxious about whether you would get promoted.
  • Anxious about what is X, Y or Z thinking about me?
  • Anxiety due to stressed work environment, etc.

And, the list goes on and on. But, isn’t this anxiety making you sick and stressed. So, then how should you deal with it? Let’s see.

Let go: Most anxiety is caused due to somebody doing wrong to us or something happening wrong with us. It is common for people to act out of their limitations and insecurities in this competitive world.

No, that doesn’t mean you must accept whatever wrong is done to you, but, rather you must rise above these petty things and carve your own niche.

When others wrong you, the act is external and you have no choice over it. It is a part of your destiny or fate that happened. But, now how quickly you get over it or how much you let it affect you will decide your tomorrow.

So, let go of grudges, betrayals, insults, fights, politics, letting down, etc, as vengeance will only make you bitter and will push you into an anxiety attack. You end up being much better off when you stop reacting to negative people or situations around you. And, of course the biggest punishment for a foe is to leave him in the hands of God, as the laws of Karma (action) are fair and accurate at all times.

Have positive beliefs about life: In most of my blogs, I have shared how positivity shapes up our lives. Having beliefs like:

Whatever happens, happens for the best

Life is just and fair for all

Divine energies will guide me to my goal

Everything is working out for my highest good and out of this situation only good will come (Louise Hay).

These may appear to be such small things to do, but actually these beliefs help you to stay strong in tough times. Moreover, what you believe becomes true for you.

It so happens that what you believe and think is radiated out from your mind to the Universe in the form of energy. The same energy gets reflected back manifested into reality as that’s what the universe does.

So, having positive beliefs directs your life to be blessed bring positive results.

You will be what you are meant to be: No person has the power to define your luck or destiny in life. Situations and people may turn up as challenges, but your fate, your hard work, your will power are way too powerful tools to overcome them and move forward.

If people or situations had the power to change the fortune of others, then the riches, the famous, the accomplished would never have existed.

So, have faith in yourself. If something has gone wrong, never mind, learn from it and move on. If you stay positive then most negative things would disappear automatically from your life. Keep smiling 🙂

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