Cure your depression with healthy diet

In one of the recent researches done by Macquarie University, Australia, It was seen that diet has a direct impact on our minds. When unhealthy food eaters were made to eat healthy food for about 3 weeks, they showed fewer symptoms of depression.

The participants were regular eaters of unhealthy food rich in sugar and saturated fats. They were encouraged to eat healthy freshly grown food rich in fibers and nutrition. Their diet consisted of fruits and vegetables cooked in healthy oil such as olive oil and fish oil.

People munching too much on burgers, pizzas, and other unhealthy snacks tend to feel low and depressed easily. This is so because junk food does not supply ample nutrition to our body to function appropriately. It also needs a lot more time and effort to get digested which burns out our body.  

In one of the other researches it was seen that people who ate non-vegetarian food suffered more from fear, restlessness, anger and depression. And, of course the vegetarian food eaters who avoided meat in any form were seem to maintain their calm and peace for longer duration.

Well, there is a deeper angle in choosing what to eat. It is believed in ancient science, that humans were made to eat and thrive on natural food grown by Mother Earth. Slowly when modernization started happening, people looked out for newer ways to satiate their palate. In this quest, men turned meat eaters.

But, when you sacrifice a hen or a goat or a pig or a fish, a lot of fear, anger, hatred, and pain instills in that person. These feelings carry some energy which gets stored in these animals body and is passed on to us when we eat their flesh. So, no wonder people eating meat often feel low, restless, sad and, annoyed.

On the contrary, if you noticed, our great grandparents or even grandparents were much more healthy, jovial, mild, contented, and active when they were of our age. They were primarily vegetarians.

Of course, there are various other factors that have added to make our lives complicated. Food adulteration and environmental pollution are two major challenges that come in the way of keeping us healthy. But, still eating foods close to nature like fruits, raw vegetables and healthy food can make you both mentally as well as physically strong.

Depression also causes fluctuation in sugar levels of the body. This is why we start craving for food when we are under stress or anxiety. You would also find yourself gulping down too many cups of tea or coffee when you are under stress.  

On the contrary, try having an apple instead of tea/coffee and see how active and fresh your mind is. So, food and our mental health are deeply connected. And, your mind, thoughts and feelings are the reflection of the food you eat.

Just try this for one month. Eat healthy food preferably home cooked simple food. You would notice that your thoughts and feelings also become straight forward, simple and healthy. You will feel a lot happier with no signs of negativity like depression ever crossing your mind.

And, don’t worry about food being adulterated and all, as God has designed our bodies beautifully well to throw out all the toxins from it. Just drink lot of water to help your body function properly and of course eat healthy.


  1. I must try this! The only thing I feel like eating when I’m low is a giant burger from Mcdonald’s, after which I feel low and bloated!


    • Yes please do try it. As we eat so we think and feel. Try to be connected to nature as much as possible. You could try eating fresh fruits and raw vegetables in one of your meals and see what impacts it has on your mind, body and feelings. Try doing it for 10 days and please do write back to me on how healthy food made you feel. Thankyou


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