3 Practical tactics to overcome stress and anxiety.

Have you ever tried to overcome stress and anxiety using the past reference and future reference method. If no, then please read on….

Often, we are left in the whirlpool of thoughts thinking what is going to happen in future? Worrying about future is the major cause of stress and anxiety for all of us.

Whether it’s our job, our kids’ future, our settlement, our retirement, our health, our bank balance, we are always worried about, “What will happen in the future?”

It is absolutely normal to feel worried about your future. But, usually you would have noticed that most of the worries that we carry inside us never turn true in future. But, still we just worry, worry and worry!

So, when worrying has become such an integral part of our lives, can we break free from it? Of course, you can here is how……

Use the past self-reference method: Usually, we all have faced stressful situations at some point in time or the other. Do you remember how stressed you felt when you were facing a competitive entrance exam such as IIT or CBSE PMT? Or, how stressed you felt when you messed up with your boss?

Of course, it felt as if troubles have heaped up like a big mountain in front of you. But, were you not able to overcome that difficult phase of your life? Or, do you feel the same worry, pain or anxiety about that particular problem now.

And, if you sit down to connect all your past bitter experiences, then you would see that all the bitter moments faded away with time.

So, always remind yourself of having successfully crossed the biggest troubles in your life and you would be convinced that, this too shall pass.

Use future reference method: Imagine yourself as the owner of a lavish car, a bungalow, living a secured life in a place of your choice. Would you in this case, worry about those petty people who have troubled or betrayed you personally or professionally? No, you wouldn’t for sure.

So, always try to fast-forward your life and see how important your current troubles are to give you the life you want. If you think your current circumstances are immaterial then you would automatically avoid the stress and strain that was building up.

Give your 100% to everything: Just do your best and leave the rest is the mantra for a peaceful life. I personally love this line and believe in it a lot.

You must have seen that sadness and stress seeps in life when you haven’t done your best. Be it parenting your kids, managing your home, managing your relationships, managing your social life, etc, you must give your best to everything.

By giving your best, I don’t mean to over stress yourself. But, what I want to emphasize is to do as much as you can within your current set of circumstances. You should not run away from any of social, moral, ethical, personal and professional responsibilities.

And, once you have done your best then leave the rest. If you get what you want be happy, but if you don’t get what you want than be happier, as now GOD’s plan is working towards bringing the best to you.

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