How to protect my child from the evil eye?

It is really painful for a parent to see his or her child falling sick often. Minor infections in a child such as cold and cough can also give jitters to new parents. Sleepless nights, a child’s reduced appetite, crankiness, crying and deteriorated health can make you really worried and upset as parents.

 For young kids, it is common to contract infection with every weather change. This is so because the kids’ body takes time to accommodate in the new weather, making them fall sick.

From a parent’s perspective, we feel so helpless to see our kids falling sick that we often blame some evil eye doing it. Of course, the evil eye is nothing but negative energy, which dominates your child’s aura and makes your little baby fall sick.

How to protect my child from the evil eye?

Usually, parents try all kinds of practices to cast off the evil eye from the child’s body. Mothers or grandmothers regularly perform practices to ward off the evil eye from their kids.

So, what is the real science behind the evil eye?

The human bodies have a deep connection between the mind and the body. As humans, we are born creators, which means we can create success, health, life, happiness, peace, or anything that we desire. But, rather than living as creators, we are forced to live as victims of fear, which results in feeling helpless.

What I intend to say here is that using the power of your mind, you can actually help your child stay healthier, fitter and disease-free at all times. Our thoughts have immense power. Thoughts contain energy, which goes out in the universe and are accepted and brought back to us as experiences.

So, rather than operating from the place of fear, let us bring positivity to our thoughts. We must visualize your child as healthy, fit, and fine. Remember that every thought we think is turning into a reality.

Say it repetitively in your mind that my child is healthy and happy.

Bless your child with health and happiness rather than inflicting your child’s aura with fear such as, what if my child contracts cough, what if my child catches cold, and so on.

The child’s aura depends on the environment he or she is thriving in. The child in his mind cannot create any negative thoughts of sickness, depression or sadness. Their aura gets tremendously affected by the people around them. And, our kids spend most of their time with us, so we must consider ourselves as so lucky that as parents that we can influence our child’s aura for betterment.

By using positive affirmations and thoughts, you would see your child’s immunity increasing much beyond your imagination. Say these affirmations every day…….

‘My child is happy and healthy at all times’

‘My child is healthy and joyous while travelling’

‘Divine angel, or God keeps my child protected in school.’

The more you create these thoughts, the stronger your child’s aura becomes. So, you are fundamentally increasing the positivity of your child, which will automatically keep all the negativities in the surroundings at bay.

These things do work and which is why they are so much spoken and written about. Powerful affirmations are everlasting and bring miraculous results in all spheres of life. Try doing these, and you will find that all your traditional practices of warding off the evil eye fail in front of your own powerful thoughts.

Yes, but you need to be consistent in doing them regularly. Another important thing in mind is to believe in these affirmations while saying them. Always believe in your power of thoughts to see the changes happening around you.

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