How gratitude can rewire your child’s brain to feel happier?

Yes, a simple thing like being thankful for little little things in life, can wire your and your child’s brain to feel a lot more positive and happy. How wonderful it sounds, isn’t it?

One of the researched at Harvard recently suggested that a small act of writing thanks for three things in your life for a span of 21 days leads to feeling optimistic for 6 months in a row.

Wow……just by being thankful about what we possess in life can rewire our brains for so much better. As Kristen Jenson puts it, there are some terrific results observed by just being grateful. Teaching young kids to be grateful reduced the suicide rates amongst 10 to 14-year-old kids who feel utterly lost and depressed by all the changes happening physically, mentally and emotionally.

How gratitude rewires your child’s brain?

An experiment using magnetic resonance to study human brains was conducted in the University of California. The participants were made to feel and experience gratitude by being showered with gifts. The areas in the anterior cortex and prefrontal cortex showed increased activity. These areas of the brain have centers for empathy, reward, social recognition, and value judgment.

This study clearly indicates the more you teach your kids to be grateful for the happier and contended they get. This theory applies to all of us, as well.

Life with endless desires

It is so upsetting to see small kids filled with happiness and contentment to have transformed into persistent little beings always asking for new toys.

As a doting parent, you end up buying new crayons, a new bicycle, new dolls, new cars, can gratitude pencil box, new clothes, new shoes, only to be forced to buy more. Of course, kids have all the right to demand from parents, but are they really happy and thankful for having so much?

No, not at all, and that is what bothers you and me as young parents. If we don’t make the kids realize the value of things, love, and blessings they are showered with, then even the unlimited riches will not satiate them as adults. Right!

So, let’s make sure that we are bringing up happy, contented, and optimistic kids who have learnt to enjoy every bit of life.

So, What to do?

Please get down to making your child write 3 things he or she is grateful for before going to bed. And, do it for at least 21 days to rewire your child’s brain. Of course, I am sure once you start doing it, you will never quit doing it.

You will see some impressive changes in your child. You will see her/him starting to value having so much around. It will be an amazing feeling as a parent. Just try doing it…..

Also, please do watch out for a gratitude journal with an interesting story on my blog to help your child learn this art of being grateful no matter what!

Bbye……keep reading……keep coming back……and, as I always say I would love to hear from you!!

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