Gratitude – An antidote to postpartum depression

Suddenly, postpartum depression seems to be making headlines of all sorts.  From a regular homemaker to celebrities like Surveen Chawala are all talking about it openly.

Of course, the hormonal fluctuations that happen within the body soon after delivery pushes you to feel depressed. Moreover, the huge responsibility of handling a new life coupled with sleepless nights push you further into depression.

So here, I thought of discussing ways of how to overcome postpartum depression rather than telling you why it happens. Of course, knowing why postpartum depression occurs is necessary, but what is more important is to know the ways of overcoming it asap.

By the way, postpartum depression can stay for a long time if left unchecked. Let us understand what the ways in which we can overcome postpartum depression.

  1. You will witness the healing power in your body: Now is the amazing time when you will see how your body heals and recovers to get back to normal. Though the process is little time taking but in about one year or so, you would see that your body is pretty much back to normal.

Doesn’t this serve as a great opportunity to realize whatever physical ailment or problem knocks in your life, you have the power to heal. The same holds true for your little baby too. Once you have realized and understood the healing power that exist in our bodies, you would undoubtedly apply it for your baby too.

And, with this faith in body’s amazing power, you would be less susceptible to tension when your child falls sick. You would also be less tempted to start medication soon after the baby falls sick, rather, you would want to try natural remedies and would let baby heal naturally. So, you have already learnt the biggest lesson of life by delivering a baby, isn’t it?

  • It is the onset of an amazing journey: Motherhood brings to you a golden opportunity to rekindle the child within you. Of course, you have to put in tremendous efforts tirelessly but the rewards are extremely satisfying.

When you are working so hard day and night as a mother without any expectations, it transforms you into a much lovable, hard working and a mature person.

Motherhood definitely is a big transition in your personality. And, you would not just cherish every moment of it but will remain forever grateful to life for blessing you with such wonderful gift.

It kindles emotions like compassion, sharing, giving, unconditional love in a woman without which she is incomplete.

  • Career will eventually grow: Competition, work insecurities, fear of losing job can give jitters to expecting moms. But, all organizations are bound to give you a long maternity leave which is paid. And moreover, having a kid around makes you extremely creative in new ways.

You must have heard of moms who started their own venture inspired by their kids. No, you don’t necessarily have to change your career but what I intend to say is that enjoy this bit of life as these moments are really precious.

Your career will anyways pick up after a break if you have the right skills backed by passion.

  • You are doing a highly responsible job: Never be ashamed about yourself when anybody at a party asks you, ‘so, what are you doing currently?’, oh so you are at home, not working? Well, you must very politely tell them that you are doing a highly responsible job of bringing up a life. If you can do this with full foucs, then there is nothing in the world that you cant do.

It is just a matter of perspective, right?

I hope these 4 reasons will give you enough reasons to smile and say bye bye to postpartum depression. With little work out and diet control later, you will easily fit back in your earlier clothes.

And, your happiness will be the biggest contributor in helping you inch closer towards your goal. I hope this will bring back the lost smile on your face with an assurance of never letting it go ever. Don’t forget, there is so much to be thankful about in becoming a mom rather than seeping into depression. The choice is totally yours:)

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