How to stop over thinking?

Over thinking is the new buzz word troubling each one of us at some point or the other. Over thinking is when you tend to repeat the scenes of any unpleasant situation such as fight over and over again in your mind. The worst is that we are aware that we are unnecessarily over thinking a situation, but we have lost control over our mind.

So, here in this blog I am going to tell you three important tactics, two of which are suggested by clinical psychologist, Catherine Pittman, at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, to overcome excessive thinking. These tactics work practically to help you stop over thinking then and there.

  1. Replace your thought: One of the best ways to deal with over thinking is to forcefully induce a new thought in your mind. Think about how nice it was to catch up your old friend over a coffee or what all good things happened to you on your last holiday.

It is extremely important to forcefully draw your attention to something else, which will take over your thoughts and the stressful cycle of over thinking will come to an end.

  • Fill the gap: When your mind starts to get lost in a continuous stream of negative thoughts, you must immediately take up a task which keeps your mind occupied. Say, for instance you must take up a book to read, or cook something, go out shopping, or visit a friend or do something that occupies your mind.
  • Meditate: Over thinking is a sign of weak mentality. It indicates that you have rather become the servant of your mind rather than mastering over it. Weak mind can cause you a lot of pain, worry and tensions for no reasons. Some people tend to recreate the same fight or insult over and over again, and they shed tears every time those thoughts run in their mind.

Such weak mind will only create more agony, pain and stress in life. To strengthen our minds, it is important to feed it with positive information and affirmations. You must meditate regularly for at least 15 minutes a day. Here, are different ways to meditate:

  1. Practice Silence: Silence shuts your mind for few minutes and empowers it. You will notice that the most challenging problems of your life are answered soon after you finish meditation by sitting in silence.

By silence I am referring to silencing your mind by not letting any thoughts run into it. Let your mind be free of any thoughts which will strengthen it to help you serve better. Our minds are continuously thinking even while we are sleeping. So, silence is the best way to help our mind replenish its energies to serve us better.

  • Chant a high energy word: By chanting a high energy word like ‘OM’, you will energize your mind with high frequency waves. The more you create high frequency waves in your mind, the powerful it gets.
  • Connecting with God: One of the best ways to meditate is to connect with God and visualize that he is showering his love and his divine guidance on us. in the form of rays, you are getting cured of your physical and mental illnesses.

Just by imagining the God’s divine powers being showered on you, you will see a lot of positive changes happening inside you. You will see situations coming up as challenges, but without having any negative impact on you.

I hope this bit of information was helpful. These were practical tips that will definitely help you overcome the problem of over thinking. I hope this piece of information was helpful. Kindly share your thoughts with me on this:)

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