Is social media making your child sad?

There is no doubt that youngster especially teens are obsessed with good looks!! They travel extra miles only to buy the latest trending outfit which make them look cool. They spend most of their pocket money in buying desirable cosmetics which make them look appealing.

The other common thing with these youngsters is posting their pictures on social media. The likes and comments on their pictures really give them a high and which is why they continue doing it. But, the fun of being on social media soon gets reduced to sadness as people get way too obsessed by their looks which can be enhanced using social media filters such as cosmetic surgery filters on Instagram.

Instagram bans ‘cosmetic surgery’ filters

In view of the effect of cosmetic filters on people’s mental health, Instagram has done a brilliant job of removing all such filters from their website. Using these filters, people often get to experiment with their looks trying lip injection or face upliftment features. If the resulting image looks prettier than reality, they start hating their real looks.

Cosmetic surgery filters on social media drag you away from the reality. Such filters make people feel worse about how they really look, as per the recent research.

Social media is taking a serious blow on the happiness index of kids. Consultant psychiatrist Louise suggests that kids these days falling victim of depression and anxiety by using social media.

A 16 year old boy was suffering from constant depression and sadness. He walked into a psychiatric clinic on insistence of his mother. The psychiatrist got into conversation with the boy about his daily routine and learnt that he spends most of his time on social media.

The psychiatrist did not put the boy on medication as he felt there was no need, rather he advised him to cut down his social media exposure. The boy was advised to use social media just for an hour before hitting the bed. Later, he was advised to use social media only for two hours a week.   

He strictly followed the doctor’s guidelines under his mother’s supervision and within 6 months he was much happier.                                                                                                                                

Mobile phones are dangerous for our kids

In this digital era, our kids are unknowingly forced to using ipads and smart phones. Owing to our busy lives where we literally juggle between things to make life happen, even we as parents end up handing over phones to our small kids to keep them busy.

But, how wise is this act of ours?

Mobile phones have numerous harmful effects such as it radiates radio waves which get absorbed by our bodies. These radio waves are carcinogenic and harm the delicate bodies of young children. We will be talking more about this aspect of using phone in my other blogs.

Our kids are increasingly becoming dependent on social media and numerous other apps. The pretty faces designed using beautifying apps, the luxuries, and the fun depicted on social media drags them far from the reality.

The kids being young and innocent get mesmerized by good looking faces, positive comments, likes and they start living to get more of them. But, the reality is far-fetched. Slowly, the social media starts driving how these young children feel about themselves forcing them into depression.

If we want to use our parental authority in upbringing kids, then we must use it from stopping them to use phones, ipads, gaming apps and social media.

Looking at the magnifying impact social media has on children and youngster; it is indeed a great step to remove cosmetic surgery filters from social media by Instagram.

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