Feeling burnout:How to deal with it?

If you have lost all hopes of something nice happening to you,

If you have to literally drag yourself to work,

If smiling at work or at home is a task,

If you feel depressed and lost all the time,

If you feel resentful and frustrated,

If your life seems meaningless ……

Then­­­­, perhaps you are suffering from burnout!

Burnout is a serious mental condition that needs to be addressed urgently. It causes permanent harm to the body without showing any major consequences immediately. ­­­It lowers your immunity to a great extent making you susceptible to all forms of ailments. You may end up catching flu, cough and viral infections sooner than others.

Burnout creates a prolonged negative mental atmosphere. Negative emotions put the body on energy saving mode as the brain perceives some unfavorable situation coming up and to fight with it the body needs to conserve its energy. This reduces your metabolism greatly and you start putting on weight.

Just take a moment to look at your life retrospectively, you would see that the phase in which you were stressed for a prolonged time, you must have put on a lot of weight.

And, by the way do you know that when you are happy your body will easily burn a serving of ice-cream, chocolates, cakes…….vis-a-vis eating healthy when you are depressed.

So, coming back to burnout……

How to deal with burnout?

First of all, it is important to recognize your state of mind, which often gets misunderstood as stress. In stress, you feel overburdened, over thinking, pressurized and you may have anxiety, but, in burnout, you feel demotivated, detached, disengaged and helpless.

There is a huge difference between stress and burnout as you can see. Of course, prolonged stress may result into burnout, but stress is more on the superficial level and burnout is way too deep seated.

Now, let’s see what needs to be done to overcome burnout:

  1. Reach out to a friend: Burnout needs external assistance. Your own mind lacks the power to come back on tract on its own, it needs external stimulation. You definitely need to reach out to somebody who can be a patient listener and can advice you in your favour.

If you don’t have a friend around, you can reach out to a counselor. Just by opening up you let all the trapped negative energy out from your mind. It calms down your nerves and immediately brings a sense of relief to you.

  • Distance from negative information or people: For a few days, stop reading newspapers that are filled with all kinds of negative news. Make a serious effort to be away from people who talk negatively all the time. The mind replenishes its positive energies the moment you stop feeding it with negativity.

We have it prominently written on our DNA to be positive and to aim at wellbeing all the time. Somehow, our external environment overshadows our genetic makeup to make us feel negative and disheartened.

  • Giving out: Giving out, I would say is the best remedy so far to overcome burnout. Try doing small selfless things for deprived, needy or for anyone seeking help. You would see that merely by extending small help, your heart is filled with joy. Extending small helpless favours naturally makes you happy. And, the best part is that you would see your happiness index rising just by giving out others.

A small gesture of feeding a poor child in your neighborhood, or helping your domestic help without any expectations in return, or helping your colleague, acquaintance, neighbor or a friend can make a big difference to how you feel.

You would see when you end up sponsoring a child to school, or donating clothes to poor, serving food to orphans or old age home will bring a lot of happiness and positivity in you.

Of course there is a great unmatchable pleasure in giving out. Giving out does not just restrict to physical possessions. You can give out your good wishes, your blessings to everyone around you. You can wish good things about your competitors and colleagues.

Here, the law states that what you give out is what you get back. So, automatically all the positive energies are showered back at you raising your happiness index forever.

Somehow, as a society we have become so occupied and so selfish, that we have forgotten the ancient wisdom of helping others or giving out. There is immense pleasure in giving selflessly to people and this pleasure lasts forever.

Don’t’ believe…….just try it!!


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