Reclaiming the fire: How to overcome burnout?

‘Burnout is when you become your own worst enemy’ as is rightly said by Dr. Steven Berglas.

Unfortunately today life is full of struggles, stress, strain and what not. The biggest irony of the life is that we are all after money and success, but despite being very successful most people are in an emotional and mental distress.

If you don’t believe then just Google to find the names of billionaires, millionaires, top actors, and actresses who ended up in depression, despite having tremendous wealth.

I personally know many effluent people seeking mental health counselor’s help to bring back the lost happiness.

But, if money could buy all the happiness and luxuries in the world then, why do Richie rich end up feeling burnout?

Aren’t they somebody who attract millions of eye balls?

Aren’t they somebody who have redefined their status-quo?

Aren’t they somebody who we all aspire to be?

So, why the hell people like them and many others end up feeling burn out?

The answer lies to the fact that when we seek love, peace and happiness, we cannot go around hugging our bank balance. The love has to be discovered within rather than seeking it in material possessions.

Of course, these Richie rich are too fortunate to have so many luxuries, but at times they too lose out on relationships, peace, happiness, health, friends, and most importantly having true well-wishers in life.

Why do people get burnout?

The answer to this is ‘Dissatisfaction’. When you repetitively feel dissatisfied, you end up developing a strong emotional pain. When you want to disown people, run away from work, stop being victim of office politics, trapped in emotional dilemma, betrayed, but still cannot break free- you end up feeling burn out.

So, then how should you deal with burnout?

You can deal with burnout by asking the right questions to the life. You just need to change one basic question which is, ‘Why did it happen to me?’


‘What can I do now to take charge of my life?’

Yes, you would get all the answers to your problems by asking this right question. But, then life must be really unfair……

Now, lets think of a real life situation which is quite common……

Your colleague who is less capable than you, is at a higher package and is also having an extra-marital affair. He ends up getting promoted vis-à-vis you who is honest, hardworking, and sincere but still wasn’t promoted.

Or, your neighbour with all kinds of bad habits like alcoholism, smoking, late-night parties, still is blessed with good health verses your close friend you got cancer despite being a teetotaler and a health freak.

So, this means that life is a betrayer, it is a totally unfair game, right?

But, fortunately it is not so! We are all souls on a journey called life. The world drama is designed in such a way that we are aware of the current life’s karma (action) and happenings only, and have forgotten all our past deeds of other births. But, we have been going through many births and rebirths before arriving here. So, today’s fortune is defined by our past karma or past deeds.

One who is wealthy without much effort must have worked much harder in earlier lives. On the contrary, one who remains poor despite working so hard must have performed some wrong actions in the past.

If life had to be blamed, then we human beings would never have been bestowed with power to create our lives.

No matter how dissatisfied we are with our current situations, no matter how much loss and pain we are suffering from, we have the power to change everything around.

You must have heard about sub-conscious mind.  Do you know that your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind? You just need to feed it with the right high frequency powerful thoughts and everything will fall in place.

How can we who are such powerful creators of life fall victim to burnout?

If you really want to overcome burnout, you must actually burn out all ‘negative thoughts’ that have been pulling you down. The positivity is right at the click of your smart phone screen. There are so many influential people like Oprah Winfrey, Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks, and many others who are sharing most powerful positive thoughts every day.

There are so many real life stories on the internet to get the inspiration from. Thanks to technology for making all the information available to us all the time. Please remember as there is no lock in the world ever made without a key, similarly there is no problem in the world without a solution. The solution to all your problems no matter how big or small is already stored in your sub-conscious mind, you just need to get in sync with your sub—conscious mind which gets activated only by positivity.

We will discuss a lot more on this in my upcoming blogs. Please share if you would want to know more about sub-conscious mind and its power. I would be eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Somebody else beautifully put, ‘Life is only a success when it is deeply felt, believed and lived.’

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