‘I am not good enough- is the biggest lie told by my mind’

The biggest problem faced by today’s world is ‘depression’. As per WHO, 300 million people are depressed across the globe. It is the major disability existing on this planet.

You would be surprised to know that every year 8,00,000 people die or commit suicide because they were depressed. And, these people were in the age group of 18 to 29 years, when the life truly starts in the real sense.

It is sad to know that a mere thought in the minds saying, ‘I am not good enough’ can lead to such recurrent depressive state of mind. Mind is a tool that was created to help the humans think and create their own worlds.

But, unfortunately we forgot to train our minds. Our minds need to be shown the right direction to think and respond. Consequently, the mind strayed on its own and absorbed those thoughts that are readily available in the environment in the form of negative energy.

So, what was gifted as a tool became a curse rather than a boon. Why do we forget that we are the master of our minds and not the servants? It is so depressing to see people are not able to create positive thoughts using their own minds.

The biggest lie told to you by your mind is ‘I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH’. If that was true, why would you have been blessed with the same set of abilities as anyone else? Have you ever thought?

And, the biggest problem is that we start believing this lier mind of ours, which is disillusioning us because it has been left to act on its own. There are numerous examples on this planet of people who created multi-millions, who created immense popularity, who were loved and admired by the entire world because all they did was they trained their minds to think in their favour.

Some examples of such people are:

Oprah Winfrey: She is the lady who using the power of believing herself and training her mind to think positive rose to riches much bigger than we ever could create.

Louise Hay: She was the most popular mind trainer and the motivational speaker. She not only cured her own cancer using positive thoughts, but also cured lakhs of other people of their terminal or life threatening illnesses just by helping them to train their minds to think positive.

Jim Kwick: The man with the most powerful memory had a struggling childhood. He had difficulty remembering the simplest things that he saw around. At the age of 9, he was told by his teacher that he is the boy with a broken mind. This harsh statement pricked him hard and he started on a new journey of training his mind to become one of the finest minds of Earth. Today he trains the most influential people like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and many other powerful people learn to unleash the power of their minds.

And, the list goes on and on…….

So, when some people can use their minds to completely transform their lives, then why can’t you? Your mind is no different than theirs……….and there is no magic involved in training mind. All you need to do is to refuse every single negative thought that your mind brings to you.

Tell your mind to give you only positive thoughts through the day. Think of positive aspect of everything in life. You may have lost your job, or may have been diagnosed with some disease, or may have challenges in your personal relationships, or may be suffering from depression at the moment…….

Whatever the cause is, the remedy is simple and very effective. No matter what the situation is, just look at the positive aspect of it. Always, always, and always see the glass half full.

Remember the problems come in our lives as life’s biggest lessons and the problem creators as the best teachers. Rather than taking hardships as hardships, we must celebrate life when we are faced with tough situations.

After all, the longer the gold is put to harsh fire treatment, the more it glitters.

So, the next time your mind tells you that it is not good enough, you command it to say, I am the best’, ‘I have infinite capabilities’ and ‘I have the power to write my own destiny and fate’.

Just practice these three powerful thoughts every time your mind pushes you into feeling negative. And, you would be surprised to see the amazing results that will follow in a short span of time.

Befriend your mind and tell it that it is here to work in your favour. Train it to see positivity and goodness in everyone no matter what.

Mind is the easiest thing to train on world provided you are determined to train it to be positive at all times. Once you have mastered this art, then the failures and challenges will disappear from your life and your life will be filled with happiness and positivity at all times.

So, pledge today that you will say Bye Bye to negativity forever and instruct your mind to emerge you as a winner rather than a loser.

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