4 Deadly effects caused by mobile phones on children

Mobile phones have become a regular feature amongst children of all age groups. From 1 year old to 70 year old, all are addicted to cell phones. Especially young new born kids are becoming victims of using cell phones soon after they open their little eyes.

When it is time to feed young kids, the young mothers usually make them sit in front of smart phones or iPads, without realizing the damage it is inflicting on kids brain and overall health.

When I go around in shopping malls or at a restaurant, I find kids literally glue their eyes on to the smart phone screens. They are continuously watching one after the other rhyme on phone. But, what most parents are not aware of is that these smart phones exposure can be deadly for your child.

If you are not aware of how smart phones can harm us and our kids, then read on to know more about it.

Here, is what smart phones do to small kids….

  1. Radio waves: Smart phones radiate radio waves that are absorbed by greater number of brain cells in small kids. These radio waves though proposed by government to be safe for adult use, still raises a lot of doubts on their safety for kids.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), has stated that mobile phone radio waves could possibly be carcinogenic. A lot of researches are going on testing these radio waves, but most studies recommend that kids under 16 years of age should not be provided with any smart phones.

The parents are encouraged to make use of landlines for making long conversations. Moreover, the children must be encouraged to use speaker mode or hands free while talking on smart phones.

The closer these phones are to a child’s year, the more radio waves are absorbed by the child’s brain.

  • Weakens eyesight: Dryness of eyes, watering, redness, itchiness, reduced vision are some of the unfortunate effects of using mobile screens for three to four hours a day or longer.

As parents, we do get super tired running after our responsibilities, handling kids, managing work, managing home, etc. We also at times seek easy access to our kids by letting them play games on phones or watch a cartoon for a while.

But, seldom do we realize when those 30 minutes turned into 1 hour which gets further prolonged to 2 hours and so on. How do you think will our kids grow up to work for 14 to 16 hours on a laptop when they had already developed sensitivity to screens by then?

  • Reduced attention span: Kids, who are exposed to prolonged hours of TV watching or screen watching, are unable to focus on regular activities like studies. In a class, a teacher often makes out who watches screen for long duration as such kids are not able to focus well on studies.
  • Reduced activity: In an age where kids must be jumping, running and playing all around, kids are left to merely becoming victims of mini-computers who I often refer to as ‘Idiot Boxes’, which offers all kinds of deadly health hazards.

Some researches indicate that use of prolonged smart phones in kids can result in non-malignant tumors or cancers. Some other studies also suggest that radio waves harm the nervous system making kids prone to serious damages.

So, next time your child grabs your phone or iPad, you know what you need to do. Please make sure that the kids are kept out of reach of smart phones, ipads, laptops, and all these modern day gadgets, no matter what. There can be nothing more harmful for your child than exposing them to such irreversible damages with which they may have to live their entire lives.


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