Self-love: A pathway to creating miracles

You and only you are stopping yourself from achieving your dreams. Yes, no matter how harsh people have been, no matter how many betrayals you have faced, no matter how unfair life has been…….yet, the power to write your destiny is in your hands.

People often love to party, they love food, they love holidays, they love luxuries and comforts, but sadly they forget to love themselves! You can only give love to your family, friends and loved ones if you learn to love yourself. Here, we are talking about unconditional love which stand the test of time meaning it sustains even when your loved ones act against you or your will.

So, how do you love yourself?

Self love is when you love yourself totally and accept yourself the way you are. Self love helps you to develop a great deal of positivity and optimism within yourself. It also generates immense resilience within you to deal with big challenges of life.

Please correct me if i am wrong, but the current world is driven by perceptions.

If your boss perceives you to be a good fit for the organisation then you are happy…..

If your friend appreciates your figure, you really get flattered

If your husband appreciates your dedication towards the family, you feel so happy

And, if the reverse of this happens in just one of the above examples, then your happiness is gone for a toss. You feel sad not just for one day but for days together depending on how easy you take criticism on yourself.

So, are we here to be a mere puppet of others?

No, i don’t mean to not accept the given feedback and be overconfident about yourself. But, what we all need to understand here is that the negative feedback provided in above examples needs to be taken in the right manner.

If your boss is not happy with you, then he is not happy with the employee he sees in you, and that does not make you a bad person at all. Of course, his feedback must be looked upon as an opportunity to improve yourself, as if you are not improving your skills, attitude and talents then you stop growing in life.

But, you and the employee in you are two different aspects of life. It is you (soul) who controls the expression of being an employee and not vice-versa. Such negative feedbacks must only be looked upon as opportunities to learn more. It has got nothing to dislike yourself or blame your circumstances or to love yourself less than before.

If you think he is right in his feedback, you must thank him and work upon yourself with a positive approach. If you think he is unreasonable in his feedback, you need not carry any grudges and just move on with life. After all, each of us is different and has the freedom to express ourselves freely.

Similarly, I see people obsessed with losing weight. I know many friends, colleagues, and family members who just wish so hard to shed all extra kilos to fit into their favourite skin hugging trendy clothes. And what for? Only to get a few hundred likes on Facebook or to resemble the prettiest girl in your gang?

But really? Your body despite being overloaded with millions of extra fat cells is still working day and night to deliver perfect body functions to you and this is what you reward it with. You do just not like yourself just because you are obese? But your body is fully bearing the entire load on it and still not complaining but working tirelessly to enable you to live with ease as always.

And, do you know, the moment you accept and start loving yourself then you just start creating miracles in your life. Your body is the most intelligently designed machine on this planet. The moment start loving it by all your heart, you see many positive changes within yourself.

The famous healer and motivational speaker, Louise Hay, reveals that your body is always talking to you. But, we have never learnt or are even aware of this fact that it talks to us. The moment you start loving yourself unconditionally, you will see many positive changes in your body.

Every cell in your body is working to create only perfect health and wellbeing in you. This is why the body functions perfectly irrespective of whether you are feeding it junk food, alcohol, tobacco or any other harmful drugs.

You will notice that when you love yourself totally, no criticism will ever have any negative impact on you. You will also notice that your body will itself have urges to be fed with nutritious food. You will automatically pick up good habits to sustain positivity and wellbeing.

Weight loss in one of the many byproducts of loving yourself. You just do not know the magic you create in your life just by loving yourself. Self love makes you a much more confident, resilient, lovable, loving, caring person. It radiates a lot of positivity from you which attracts positive situations, people and circumstances in your life.

If you by any chance are able to love, accept, admire, and adore yourself unconditionally, then you are a new path to self-discovery. It will help you tap the immense potential within you in no time. Using this potential you can create anything you can think of and desire.

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