How to deal with depression in children?

Despite nurturing and sheltering our kids till they become independent, it is seen that most youngsters in their teens are falling prey to a deadly psychological condition called depression.

Depression in children aged 10 to 19 years is a major problem identified by the WHO. Majority of suicidal cases in youngsters are also seen in this age bracket. WHO has officially declared that depression in youngsters will be a major problem by 2030.

Actually, the condition looks really worrisome! Children with depression leave their parents and siblings in a pitiful state. The parents feel helpless, depressed, sad and have many sleepless nights till when their children recover fully from this severe psychological illness.

So, what can we do to prevent our children from being depressed ever in life, and more so in their teen hoods?

Open the channels of communication: Having conversations limited to child’s school routine, studies and friends are great but conversations can be a great way of teachings as well.

You must always try to share stories from your struggling days of life. Some real stories and how you gathered the courage to bounce back in difficult times. For example:

How you managed to cope-up with failures in examinations? Share a real story when you failed in exam and you got scolding’s from your teacher. Share with your child how you ensured to maintain the motto of studying well and finally clearing the next exam.

These days bullying is so common in young kids. The child who is neglected or bullied by his peers undergoes a lot of mental stress that he may not be able to realize, or share with you. So, looking at the environment around, make sure to prepare your child subtly against such fallacious activities.

You must come up with all kinds of pleasant and unpleasant experiences of friendship. Betrayals, selfishness, deception are common amongst young teens. You need to always keep your focus on how you bounced back when you were betrayed or let down.

Tell children, what will hormones do to them?

Rather than not opening up about feeling attracted towards the opposite sex, you must rather prepare your child to understand what is coming his or her way in teen hood. When your child gets to hear this from you, his or her bonding with you will be strengthened. Moreover, there are more chances that your child will have confidence of approaching you when any of their peers give them a wrong advice, because you established an open channel of communication.

Of course, nowadays kids are vulnerable to all good and bad things thanks to social media and internet. Yet, when a parent opens up to the child to talk about what is right and wrong approach in life, it makes a lot of difference.

Rather than saying to your 10 year old ‘don’t fall for such stupid attractions, always encourage him or her to have a goal in life of becoming somebody.’

This is the time when you must teach kids the true value of money. Give them small tasks that you think they can handle. For example you can ask your child to clean his bicycle, or to get groceries from a close by shop, or to arrange and clean his cupboard. And, for every task which has been completed to your expectations, your child earns a small pocket money.

By running your kid through various tasks regularly, and giving them a free hand to buy whatever they want from the earned money, you are making them realize the true value of money.

And, this is how you teach them why it is so important to become financially independent in every way. Once the children realize how important the high school time is for making career, they will automatically be driven towards their goals.

Always be the right role model: As parents, we are the role models for our kids. We must always build a positive environment in the house and live with an easy going attitude. Kids observe and follow what they see us doing.

Hence, building a positive environment is the best measure that will always help your child no matter what.

I hope this blog added some value to your life. If it really did, please feel free to express it as comments below. Bbye….Happy Parenting 🙂

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