How to deal with loneliness?

May be you are in a relationship where there is a lack of understanding between you and your partner,

May be you are new to a city,

May be you share a bad repo with colleagues at work

May be your parents fail to understand your perspective

May be your kids don’t respect you

May be your friends keep picking up at you

In all the above cases, you may be a victim of feeling lonely or left out. Loneliness is a feeling that occurs to each one of us at some point or the other. But, if the feeling is persistent then it is surely a matter of concern.

It is so ironical that we see happy smiling faces at offices, at parties or on restaurants, yet most people are victim of feeling lonely and empty deep inside. Putting up a happy face is a good way to hide your feelings, but if you feel lonely all the time then it is something to worry about.

Common Causes of loneliness

Loneliness can seep in due to various reasons. The most common cause of loneliness in people is dissatisfaction with in their primary relationships. Primary relationships are relationships shared between spouses, parent and child, siblings, or close friends, etc. Of course, life feels shattered and broken when your primary relationships go for a toss. Poor relationship with close family members is one of the major causes of feeling depressed and left-out.

The other reasons for loneliness could be pervasive social problems like separation from lover, physical and psychological disabilities, poverty, inadequacy, etc. In small kids bad relationship with peers can bring in a feeling of being left-out.

Whatever the reason may be, the most important cause of loneliness is the desire to be understood, accepted and loved. In one of the researches on reasons for increasing divorce rates, it was found that most marital relationships get doomed because loneliness seeps in due to lack of understanding.

3 ways to deal with loneliness

Self-love: Please remember that the only person who ever thinks about you is you yourself. So, if you are not going to love yourself enough then how can you expect others to love you. The moment you start loving yourself all others will just follow the suit.

The basic key to happiness is to learn to enjoy being in your own company. People keep seeking love outside and they get majorly disappointed as what they are seeking outside lies deep within. And, if you just make constant effort of looking within, you will find immense love and peace within yourself. For self-love to emerge, you must do things that you enjoy doing like reading, cooking, gardening, workout, meditation, dancing, singing, or any other thing that makes you happy. The more you strive to be happy, the more life gives you to be happy about.

Make new friends: Loneliness can be immediately cured if you find the right set of people to share your feelings with. You must try to make new friends from different walks of life. Having many friends make you understand that each one of us is different with different needs and preferences.

Having a good company around can immediately make you cheerful and can pull you off from depression and loneliness.

Be kind and loving: No matter how many times people rub you off the wrong way, no matter how many arguments you have had with your loved ones, no matter how hard your current life is; you must always love. Researchers have shown that people who have a long healthy life are seen to be happy-go-lucky kind of people. These people easily forgive others and move on.

Trust me this is the best trait to possess in life. When you are kind to others, all negative emotions like loneliness, depression, and sadness will just vanish away.

We must accept that loneliness is just a feeling and not a reality. It becomes a reality only when we start manifesting this feeling in our minds. So, let all emotions show up in your mind, but you must master the art of killing the negative ones and letting only positive ones thrive in your mind.

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