What is the workout for your soul?

We are all well-versed with how important it is to follow a good workout regime for our bodies, but how about our souls? Soul is the key driver of the body, then why do we neglect it totally?

Say for example, you have a nice car and you maintain it so well that it is always spic and span clean. But, your car is driven by a driver who is sick.

The driver being sick lacks focus on his driving and gets tired when drives for long hours. One day you get to hear that your car has been met with an accident on one of the busiest roads. On the contrary, if you had not focused so much on cleaning your car instead would have focused on person who is driving the car, you could have avoided this accident……right?

This is exactly what happens with our bodies too. We are all focused on all our outer bodies like the way we look, the way we dress up, our body shapes, our skin care routine, choosing the best clothes, best hair care products for smooth and shiny hair, etc., that we ignore the key driver of our body which is the soul.

The soul is the energy which runs our body. It is the key driver of our bodies. We need to nurture, nourish and take care of our souls first. If the soul is looked after well, it will automatically run the bodies properly.

So, what is the workout for your soul?

Meditation, yes meditation is the real workout for the soul. There are plenty of research studies to show that meditation brings unbelievable positive changes in the body. Meditation is the food for your soul.

In one of the researches, meditation has shown to improve the cardio vascular health and better physiological responses just by practicing regular meditation of 20 minutes. Meditation improves mental health, makes you calmer, happier and peaceful. It fights back depression and provides great mental strength to you. The effects of meditation are plenty. Only some of them have been proven and many others are still being researched upon.

When it comes to body you are cautious about maintaining the right weight, you watch every morsel that is entering your body. Similarly, you need to nourish your soul with same level of effort and care.

The true workout for the soul is when you let all negative thoughts and energies come out of your body and you just feed your mind with positive powerful thoughts.

You need to watch every single thought that is running in your mind. If it is positive let it thrive and if it is negative than you need to throw it out.

We as a society has become so judgmental about little little things. If we find others behavior as per our expectations than it is okay, but if we find their beliefs, actions and behavior not-aligned with our expectations, then we start judging others which leads to immense negativity in our minds.

If things happen our way at office it is fine, but if they happen any other way then we are left disheartened, frustrated and annoyed.

If our relatives reciprocate the way we want them to then it’s fine but if they don’t, we end up picking up tiffs with them. But, in this entire process we are seeking changes outside in people, situations and places. But, we often forget that the only person we can ever change is ourselves.

People will remain the same, challenges will come the way they are destined to, relatives and others will behave the way they want, only till when you are the same. The moment you start working on your soul it empowers you with such mighty strength that people, situations, behavior and challenges bend to act in your favour.

Meditation empowers your mind and your soul. It connects you with the real or true source, the supreme power which has created you, me and every single life on this planet. The moment you connect with your inner core, it emerges all the powers such as resilience, patience, tolerance, positivity and happiness in you.

Meditation will empower your soul in every way. So, don’t miss out on adding this workout for your soul. The more you meditate, the quicker you start noticing positive changes in you.

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