Have you experienced the unbelievable power in small rituals?

Small rituals that may appear mundane to most of us carry tremendous power to make positive changes in life. Of course, lack of time forces us to believe that small rituals are only adding on more work and effort for us, but, just think if life is good without any positive beliefs, rituals and routine then why has it lost its spark?

We are all running after materialistic gains to buy comforts and luxuries of all sorts. And, even after owing a lavish car, a house, a decent income, we are all seeking peace and happiness……Isn’t it?

This goes on to show that there is something lacking in our current lifestyle which is holding us from being happy and contented. Have you realized that by the end of the day, we are so tired as if we have done some tough physical task like mountain climbing through the day?

And, most of us have actually done a lot of mental work and a little bit of physical work like making breakfast, packing lunch, getting the kids ready for school and driving down to work. Then, what makes us feel so tired and drained out by the end of the day?

Well, it is lack of happiness, peace and positivity that drains you out. And, this is why it is so important to have small rituals to follow which can fuel your positivity, beliefs and happiness. So, here is what you can do to uplift your mind, body and soul and most of all it fits in your jam pack routine.

Small rituals with unbelievable power

Start your day with gratitude: The moment you open your eyes after night nap, you must be thankful to God for gifting you a peaceful sleep. Be thankful to have a comfortable bed to sleep on! Be thankful to have a house that keeps you safe and provides you shelter! Be thankful to see your loved ones around! Be thankful that God gave you another day to write your destiny!

Starting your day with gratitude and a smile brings miracles in your life. It makes you a lot more positive and you start learning to use your energies to create things that you want in your life and to eliminate the ones you don’t want.

Allow positive powerful thoughts in the morning: Morningtime is indeed the best time of the day. It is when you set the right chord that is going to decide how you feel through the day. So, we all must strive to make the most of our mornings. We must start by making positive affirmations like:

I have a perfect health. Visualize yourself leading a happy and a healthy life.

My income is constantly increasing. Visualize yourself making a lot of money easily.

I stay with my family happily and peacefully. Visualize each one of you are having a great time and fun together.

I invite positive happy people in my life. See yourself surrounded with happy smiling faces at work and at home.

I am powerful and infinite.

I am divinely guided at all times. The divine wisdom brings to me everything at the right time.

I love life and life loves me.

These are some of the very powerful statements to feed your mind in the morning.

These affirmations are nothing but positive self-talk. By repeating them you are training your mind to create these thoughts into realities by using law of attraction.

3. Connect with nature: From the ancient time, Indian culture has always encouraged rituals to praise the Mother Nature.

In India, we believe in watering Tulsi plant after taking bath every morning.

We are taught to pray to river Ganges, Yamuna and Narmada as Goddesses.

We are taught to offer water to Sun to admire his power.

These small rituals though may seem mundane but gives immense results. People who are thankful to Mother Nature, are blessed by her and receive happiness and peace in life. Mother Nature is a giver and gives immensely without asking. The one who prays and appreciates her receives riches beyond imagination.

This is how by following small rituals which take less than 5 minutes of your time, you can create happiness, peace, contentment, health and bliss in your life. Small rituals if followed consistently bring you magnified results. Those who practice it, swear by what I have conveyed through this blog.

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