Exercise for your soul

We want to achieve so much in our lives! We are constantly caught in a rat race of trying to make more money to buy riches. We believe these riches will help us buy happiness.

Each one of us keep postponing our happiness thinking of a house that you so wish to own and which will eventually make you happy, or a job that you have been dreaming of which will take your career to another level.

But……..when you own the house, do your worries end? Or, you can sit back and enjoy life peacefully soon after getting your dream job? No……no materialistic gains like owning a big mansion or getting the best job can make you happy forever…then what is it that will lead you to unconditional happiness? Have you ever thought of it?

Well……it is when you realize the true purpose of your existence. It is when you view life with a much much broader perspective. It is when you look at life and learn to smile at it, rather than mulling over things that never fell in place.

So, how do you go about tapping that inner happiness, the happiness of the soul? Well, you do it through making your soul exercise regularly.

Exercise for your soul

Life is always always fair!! Yes, trust me……..life is accurate. Everything that is happening to you, me and everyone else is totally as destined as it is meant to be. Sounds weird…..right? But, that is what life is meant to be.

We are all souls on a journey. We have lived various lives earlier and interacted with people who we are meeting in this birth. They are exactly behaving with us, the way we behaved with them in our earlier births.

The only difference is that we don’t remember misbehaving with them in earlier life, so we don’t accept their misbehavior today. But, our karma or actions are nothing but ‘ENERGY’. And, as per the famous law of Physics, ‘Energy can neither be created nor destroyed’.

So, energy in the form of karmas that we have expressed is the same energy returned back to us from the same person who we expressed it to. Now, we don’t know what our journey of life has been?

We don’t know what all karmas or actions we have done in the past? And, now we know that all negative karmas or deeds will be paid back by us…..so, shall we just live in fear of facing wrong people, situations or challenges as a result of wrong deeds done in the past?

No, you just need to do regular exercise for your soul, which is meditation. Meditation is the medium that helps you to connect with God. God who is ocean of peace, ocean of love, ocean of knowledge, the most forgiving, the kindest supreme power in the Universe, is always available to guide us, protect us and rescue us from all the challenges.

We have totally drifted apart from having belief and faith in God. Most of us are so busy in life that we don’t remember God until we are in deep agony or some festival has arrived.

But, believe me, the more you strengthen your faith in God, the more you remember and connect with him, the lesser your pain and agonies become. Just try practicing regularly for just 10 days in a row, and you will see some very positive changes happening inside you.

Meditation sharpens your intellect, strengthens your mind, body and soul, it cures you of ailments, it emerges the immense potential hidden inside you, it helps you to heal emotionally and physically, it provides you the solutions to your problems, it heals your relationships, it makes you feel positive and happy, and I can go on and on about listing benefits of doing regular meditation.

Though exercising is important for your body, but it is even more important to do regular meditation which is an exercise for your soul. Your soul has immense potential of pulling you out from any situation, or problem. But, all you need to do is to practice doing meditation regularly.

So, make a New Year resolution to yourself. This year you would not let any negative energy surround you even for a millisecond. You will meditate each day to add positivity to everything around. And, the miracles will follow automatically………

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