How to make your disobedient child listen to you?

Generally, it so happens that you tell your child something once, twice, thrice, and if he or she still doesn’t listen, you are already yelling before you even realize.

This is a normal scenario which happens with all the parents. The longer this phase of disobedience lasts, the more you lose your temper on your child. And, the peace from your house is somehow lost for days together.

Kids are headstrong and stubborn, especially when they are in the phase of learning and exploring things around. But, the biggest problem comes in getting your child to listen to what he or she is expected to do.

Here are some ways to help your child listen to you:

1 Give some incentive: Stubborn behavior needs to be corrected over a period of time.Kids who are stubborn cannot be changed by threatening or constant scolding. You need to look for opportunities where your child listens to you. Even, if he or she does it once in 10 times, you need to reward his or her behavior. The reward could be as simple as a visit to park or allowing the child to watch his favourite cartoon.

2. Never threaten the kid: I know it gets too difficult to handle a stubborn kid. The kid refuses to listen to you constantly which make things way too difficult over a period of time. But, kids are kids, and they need to be corrected by us.

Threatening or instilling fear in kids only builds negative psychology between you and your kid. And, you don’t want to end up building negative relationship with your child, for he will never be comfortable sharing his feelings with you openly.

So, always look for ways to make your child understand the right way of doing things. One of the medium that works immensely is using stories to positively reinforce the value of listening to elders. The other ways could be using examples of your child’s favourite cartoons, or examples of friends who are of your child’s age.

3. Give your child the option to exercise his will: Your child loves it when he or she is given the option to choose. Always make plenty of options available for your child. For example, giving easy options like whether you want to wear a frock or a skirt? Or you want to wear red shoes or black shoes?

This instills in your child a feeling that he or she has the freedom to choose. Also, it will be great if you could give permission at times to your child to deviate from his routine. Allowing to sleep little late on certain days when the child demands or allowing to have his favourite hearty meal rather than regular nutritious meals can improve your child’s willingness to listen to you.

4. Always plan in advance: When your little lolo is stubborn and refuses to listen, there are rare chances of getting things done your way. Thus, as a parent, you must plan things in advance as per your child’s readiness to co-operate.

If you have to visit to a grocery store, you must plan in advance to get done with your child’s feeding, showering, and other things to ensure a smooth visit to store. Also, with stubborn kids planning things can be a big help. What to cook? When to cook? When to shop? When to spare time to play with kid? Where to take the kid on an outing this weekend?……. all this needs to planned to ensure smooth parenting each day.

I hope this was helpful. Stubbornness in kids has come majorly from us. As adults, we have forgotten to be adjustable to people and situations. We rely a lot on materialistic comforts and buy them in plenty. We lack the perspective of finding pleasure in simple things in life or finding ways to be happy and adjustable with whatever situations come up. The same energies get transferred to young kids, and thus, these days,’ kids are increasingly becoming stubborn and annoying by nature.

No matter how many toys you buy them, nothing can keep them contended for long. The more things you buy, the more new things get added by the kids to be bought. It is high time we mend the ways we have been living as adults as the same behavior is copied by our young ones.

I hope this piece of write-up was helpful. Please feel free to communicate your feedback in the comment section below. I would be very happy to hear from you.

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