How to do workout for my soul?

You would have noticed that while we are sitting idle, we tend to only create thoughts which are prevalent in negativity. Even though, we are not willing to think negative, but our mind tends to create negative thoughts whenever they are left idle.

Have you ever wondered why it is so? Well, it is so because there is a lot of negativity in the environment. Due to complex nature of life, each one of us is depressed or sad, anxious or stressed, hurt or insecure, frustrated or resentful, etc.

All these emotions or feelings are nothing but energy. These energies are radiated out to the environment as vibrations which are absorbed by each one of us. This is indeed the reason why we feel upset, fearful, insecure, unhappy, or depressed often.

So, what should we do to take charge of our feelings? Well, this is where the need for doing regular workout for your soul arises.

How to do workout for my soul?

Soul is a pure energy which is immortal. Soul is filled with positive energy when we are born as babies. As babies we were happy for no reason, we would express our emotions fearlessly, we would coo back and smile lovingly when we see people showering love on us.

So, the original nature of soul is purity, peace, happiness, positivity, and love. We are filled with each of these traits when we are born as babies. But, in due course as we grow up we start recording and absorbing negative traits such as sadness, jealousy, hurt, insecurity, fear, revenge.

As days pass by, our good and bad experiences get recorded on our soul which creates feelings of all sorts. If we don’t really do any workout for our souls then they will be deprived of their power as negative emotions are thriving inside them.

So, in order to take charge of life and revive the power of our souls, we need to replace the negative energy with the positive one. We need to create positive powerful high frequency thoughts in our mind on regular basis.

This is how you can change your energies from negative to positive.

Just sit back in relaxed posture and close your eyes. And, imagine yourself on a movie screen which is as big as you see in movie theatres. Just see yourself living the life you want. Just imagine yourself having wonderful time with your friends and family. See yourself in perfect shape and health. Imagine yourself very successful, rich and leading a life full of comforts. See yourself doing everything that you wish to create in your life. And, you have changed the recording of your soul by telling it to attract what you just imagined. Once done with this meditation, you must say a couple of affirmations like:

Everything is perfect, whole and complete in my life.

My income is increasing day by day.

I am self sufficient, happy, contended and in perfect health.

I am in love with life.

Life fulfills all my desires on time.

Life supports me in every way.

I am confident and contented.

I love myself.

You can create your own positive statements based on your desires from life. And, life will respond……Yes, the more you nurture your soul with these positive affirmations and the more miracles you start noticing.

Positive thoughts, imaginations and affirmations create very high frequency positive energies in the mind. It recharges your soul and brings back its lost power. The more powerful your soul becomes, the happier you feel. The soul remains happy, positive, contented, peaceful and confident forever when you help it gain back its lost power.

I hope you will henceforth get into doing regular workout for your soul to be happy and healthy forever……

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