Postpartum depression: Let it not come to you!

Postpartum depression has been the new buzz word for expecting women in the year 2019. Soon after the little angel arrives, women are seen to enter into a prolonged phase of feeling bad, which comprises of constant anxiety and depression.

Post delivery, the bad feeling or malice is to such an extent that a new mom like you may find it difficult to look after her new angel and her family. Though postpartum is a serious psychological depression and may persist from a few weeks to a few months, yet the best thing about it is that it is self-treatable.

Postpartum depression often occurs to moms who are sleep deprived or anxious about their careers. New moms are so stressed about gaining all those excesse kilos of weight or they are anxious about handling newly added responsibility, which put them into depression. Although the biological cause of postpartum depression is a drop in female hormones estrogen and progesterone, but still your mental bent of mind triggers it.

How to handle the post delivery phase with positivity?

I know, for past 9 months you have been going through a lot of anxiety, stress, and fear of all kinds. As the pregnancy progresses especially in the third trimester, you have had many sleepless nights, weakness, body pain, back ache, acidity and what not. And, though there is excitement of having a baby soon, but it is often dominated by the fear of having to go through labour pain, etc.

And, the story doesn’t end there……Soon after the arrival of your little lolo, you are constantly engaged in looking after the new born coupled with physical agony and sleepless nights. And, with all those hormonal fluctuations, it is quite natural to fall into severe anxiety or postpartum depression. But, there is surely somthing you can do to avoid it?

Yes, of course! keeping postpartum depression at bay is totally in your hands. Lets take a dip to look at what has happened after the new born has arrived.

You have achieved the majestic, the most dignified role in life

Remember, as a woman you are blessed with a power to create a human life! How wonderful it sounds, isn’t it? And, guess what………. you have just accomplished the biggest achievement of bringing a human life to this planet……Kiddos to you !!!!!

While you have just successfully accomplished the most difficult task of delivering a child, let no negative thought, worry, or stress stay in your mind.

It is believed that the real life cycle of a human being is completed when he or she reproduces an offspring. So, thank life for it has given you a golden opportunity to find a beautiful purpose of life which is to raise a life itself.

It’s time to celebrate!!

The journey soon after having a baby is most challenging. Whether you had a normal delivery or a c-section, your wound is raw and it hurts badly. But, the painful part of the story is over once and for all and now your body is healing faster. Now, your present is only about a new journey of parenthood, which is supposedly the most rewarding, the most satisfying and the most fulfilling journey of life.

No job, no money, no materialistic gains can give you the pleasure of being a mom. Bringing up a life responsibly is the toughest job in the world. If you can handle this job, then there is nothing that you can’t do in life. Unfortunately, most moms don”t realize how hardworking, sacrificing and giving they are. And just think if you can develop such wonderful selfless traits then you can pick up any skill you wish in life.

And, has anyone told you that being a mom is an ongoing learning and development process which grows you to a mature, giving and unconditionally loving person. You get to learn from real hand-on experiences and the journey is truly awesome.

Your baby is important, but so are you!

In all the hustle-bustle of handling this huge responsibility of being a parent, you (a new mom) gets totally lost somewhere. Always remember that you need to be happy and fit to serve your child better.

Be very cautious of taking rest when your baby sleeps and make sure you eat healthy. Nutrition can greatly improve the way you feel and can also boost your lactation.

Read to yourself some motivating books by Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey or you may attend some motivational classes by subscribing to courses online. It will boost up your energies and will help your incision also to heal faster.

Remember, everything can wait!!

Of course, getting back in perfect shape may take up to an year or two, going back to work will at least take 3 to 6 months, going to parties may be a thing of past, but everything can wait while you unfold this truly magical world of being a mom.

If a job is meant for you it will anyways stay with you. You can always enjoy partying with buddies in day time with your baby around. You will still be able to enjoy all the moments of life but it takes a little time for your baby to grow up and become independent.

Life has its own course, you just need to flow with it. As a new mom, just enjoy every bit of the moment. Your new born constantly absorbs your happy thoughts and vibrations. Your thoughts and vibrations are also shaping the thoughts and mental make up of your baby.

So, by being happy, by being contented, by being worry free, you are actually contributing to not just your well-being but also to the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health of your baby. So, always throw out any negative low feeling thoughts that come to your mind post delivery.

Just carry the gratitude of having the privilege of being able to bring a life in this world. Let every cell of your body radiate gratitude to God and let every cell of your mind rejoice in the parental bliss.

I hope this blog will help you feel better and pull you out of postpartum depression in case you have been a victim of it. Happy parenting:)

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