Top 5 New Year Resolutions for Kids

New Year is one of my favorite times of the year as it gives us the opportunity to reflect back at our mistakes and to figure out ways to improve ourselves in every area. It is the only time when we probably sit down to look back at our achievements and mistakes.

New Year marks a fresh beginning. We recieve wishes from our loved ones, distant relatives, acquaintances, etc. to forget our differences and make a new start. New year is usually the time when we make resolutions to follow and achieve our dreams.

Having New Year resolutions should not be restricted to just us, rather we must encourage and help kids to set some goals for themselves. This is a great way to encourage kids to become more productive with better focus on achieving desires by working towards them.

But, what resolutions are apt for small kids have you thought about them? Well, I would love to give you the top 5 New Year resolutions for your kids that will help them throughout their lives.

  • Let the first week be the Thank You’ week: Young kids have great grasping power and learning capacities. They just need to be taught the right things. The Universal law says that people who are thankful for what they have always receive more to be thankful about. Contentment is one of the basic foundations to success.

So, what could be a better way than teaching young children to be thankful for all that they have received in the previous year?

Think of dedicating the very first week of New Year as a ‘Thank You week’. Ask your child to list down 5 things in a small notebook that he or she is thankful about. Put this in practice that your child must pray to God and thank him for all those things he has been gifted with.

Let this become a regular practice, and whenever your child is happy about something, he must write a thank you note in that notebook. This practice will also ensure that your child grows up feeling fortunate to have so many things to be thankful about.

  • Give selflessly: Selfless giving is divine. Do you realize how much good just flow into your life when you spread goodness around selflessly? When you give out you get back much more without asking. That’s how this Universal intelligence has been working.

So, why not start the New Year by helping the poor and needy. We see so many beggars sitting outside the temples in this bitter cold. You may think of distributing some warm blankets or food to these poor people, or as simple as doanting the old clothes or shoes to needy.  And, when you do this, why not take your kids with you to show them how poor people face such big hardships in life.

It will make your kid emotionally sensitive towards poor and needy, and will also help him learn the value of giving selflessly. You and your child will receive thousands of blessings in return that will invite health, fortune and wellbeing in life.

  • Unplug online: Let kids be off TV, laptops, ipads, mobile phones for at least the first few weeks of the New Year. Encourage them to take up some indoor or outdoor sports. Enroll them for yoga or aerobic classes, or allocate some regular household chores to them to enable physical activity.

Let your kids unplug themselves from social media and internet to feel and experience the real physical life.

  • Read: Read all kinds of moral and motivational stories to your kids. Reading is the food for the mind. The more we read the more we learn, grow and develop. But, unfortunately very few of us continue to read as adults.

All successful people have a habit to read. They learn by reading good stuff. We stop learning the moment we stop reading. So, this year let us encourage our kids to pick up reading as one of the best hobbies for life time.

Read to them as much as you can. Rather than investing in toys, invest in good fun-filled story books.

  • Take it easy: These days kids are growing to become intolerant towards small things. Small things upset them badly. We need to teach our kids to take it easy in every situation; else they will grow up to become aggressive individuals.

It is important to instill peace in our kids by encouraging them to practice meditation or mantra chanting. This will make your child confident, peaceful and balanced.

Even if your child fulfills just one or two out of these 5 resolutions, I can assure you that you will be extremely delighted to see significant positive changes in your child.

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