3 useful tips for new age parenting

It is quite interesting to observe new parents. Generally, people are opting to become parents in their 30s when they see their careers are pretty much settled and they seem to have enough resources to get into family planning.

Late parenting, definitely allows the parents to have enough resources to up bring a child but builds up a lot of stress as well. In mid 30’s we do not have enough stamina as much as we have in our 20’s.

But, there are both positives and negatives of modern day parenting, just like a coin has two sides. The best part about modern day parenting is that parents are extremely aware of things unlike older day parents, who would take up challenges as they come.

Modern day parents seem to read a lot of stuff about how to take care of new born. They will read everything about how to bring up a new born. The questions searched online by new parents are pretty much like:

How many hours should my new born sleep?

How many ounces of milk will my baby consume at once?

How to bathe my baby?

How to prevent my baby from catching infections?

How to help my baby overcome or check constipation?

How to put my baby to sleep?

Which moisturizer is the best for my baby?

Which milk bottle is the best for my baby?

How to remove the cradle cap from my baby’s scalp? And, etc.

What formula feed to use for my baby?

Which pediatrician is the best in my vicinity?

The list goes on and on…….

It is actually wonderful to see how new aged parenting resorts to being aware of every aspect of parenting a baby. And, internet is surely a boom for these new parents who are totally unaware of how to bring up babies.

But, eventually I see parents at times get over-concerned if the child or the baby is not behaving as they read on a website or on online blog. More so, they spend most of their time worrying over small little things, which leaves them with hardly any space to enjoy this wonderful journey of parenthood.

From my own personal experience I know that I took up parenting as extremely responsible task and was so worried all the time over little little things that I lost out on enjoying my time with my baby.

So, let’s see if these insights can bring some respite to your worries!!

  1. Your baby may not follow the set timetable: Sometimes baby drink less milk than usual, sometimes they refuse to eat their regular meals, and,  at times your baby may refuse to sleep in his or her regular nap time. And, this is all perfectly okay!

Babies too have feelings and likings. Like how we intend to deviate from the routine, likewise they do it too. The reason could be change in baby’s likings or he may simply not be in a mood to eat or sleep.

Or, maybe he is bored of his regular meals and wants something new, or he may have developed temporary aversion to eating due to flatulence or constipation that needs to be attended to.

But, whatever the problem is, it is the part and parcel of a child’s upbringing. Worrying too much over is a waste of time. Rather seek advice of any elderly in your family or simply give time to your baby to ask for food or to feel sleepy.

I see a lot of new parents worrying a lot when a baby doesn’t sleep in his regular nap time or when a baby refuses to eat something that he liked eating all this while. Rather just try to see if the child is not constipated or suffering from gaseous distention and if he is not, then think of trying something new that he may like.

If he still doesn’t eat from the options given, wait for him to ask for food. Babies do go through phases of likings, disliking and you baby will be absolutely fine……just as you have grown into a healthy adult from a small little tiny baby that you were 30 years back.

  • Your baby is underweight:  These days new born are usually born underweight for some reason. Most babies don’t eat as much as they should in the first few years.

In such cases, make sure you give the best quality nutrition to your young one. Whatever little your child eats must be organic or freshly procured, cooked and served.

Babies know how to meet their body requirements. They will eventually start eating in sufficient amounts. Instead of worrying, just keep trying new foods or new texture, or new flavours of food. It happens these days but eventually kids grow up to eat well if they see their parents eating well.

  • Your baby doesn’t sleep as much: These days small babies are seen to be hyperactive. Gone are the days when a new born would easily sleep for 18 to 20 hours.

Times have changed and so have our lives and lifestyle. When a mother conceives, she continues to work usually till the last week of her pregnancy. The expecting mothers whether working or not, are usually juggling between things.

These energies are absorbed by the foetus in the mother’s womb. And, these energies are prevalent in our environment everywhere. Hence, today’s kids are hyperactive, they sleep much less than what they are supposed to. You would see a baby hyperactive through the day despite eating very less.

Hence, it is a lifestyle change, the increased complexity of our lives that affect these new born angels too.

Parenting comes naturally to everyone. Of course, as your baby grows you learn a lot of new skills and tips to parent the child efficiently. It is all the part of the game. Everyone goes through it, even your own parents went through it when you were born. The only difference is there was not so much of information overload as they lacked connectivity to internet. Moreover, the babies of older days were much less restless as compared to their current counterparts.

It is all due to quality of energy prevailing in the environment. Perhaps, this is why it was much easier to bring up two or more kids in older days as compared to bringing up one kid in today’s world. Bringing up a child and balancing life with a baby around seems impossible these days.

No wonder parents are increasingly resorting to hiring nannies, or sending kids to day care or planning just one kid due to these reasons. But, these are nothing but modern world’s hacks. Just try and build positive happy energies around your baby by creating good thoughts in your mind as much as you can.

And, you will see a lot of positive effects in your child because he is allowed to thrive and grow in energies filled with positivity.

I hope this was helpful to read. Please leave your comments to help me know how did you like it. Happy Parenting 🙂

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