10 things to live by in 2020

With 2020 around, I feel so blessed and joyful to have received so many blessings in life. No, I am not the richest, no I am not the fittest but I like the way life has been with me.

The year 2019 has already gone by. The last year has gifted you and me with so many valuable learning’s as challenges, many sweet memories with family and friends, and plenty of countless blessings and happiness.

Of course, every year is a mix of happy and sad moments but the sad moments are true learnings which enrich our lives. Imagine how our lives would have been without having learnt all that we have learnt so far. So, with New Year ringing the bells let the bygones be the bygones and we must only focus on keeping the happy moments alive in our minds forever.

Let us pledge to start this New Year on a very happy and positive note. Please remember, the energy with which we start a new year stays with till the end. So, why not make 2020 a really memorable year with best memories to cherish for life. For this, here are a few things to live by in 2020.

  • Find reasons to be happy: If life gives you 10 reasons to cry, you got to find just one reason to smile. Life is like that! It is indeed the best teacher, so why not become the best learner.

Just promise yourself that you will be happy for no reason. Try to become a happy go lucky person who enjoys every little moment of life.

  • Be simple: How we think and what we eat reflects a lot on what happens to us in life. Try to live life with simple sorted approach. Eating simple home cooked vegetarian food, seeking happiness in small things of life, having productive thoughts free of revenge, insecurity, jealousy, etc. will help you grow and develop in every way.

           As much simple you are in life, as much simpler your life becomes.

  • Look Inward: People and situations are unchangeable. You desire to bring changes in your spouses, in your kids, or colleagues but the fact is the only person you can ever change is you yourself.

And, the best part is that world changes the moment you change. In the word of Louise Hay,

‘Believe that your good comes from every one you meet on this planet’

The more you connect with your inner self the more life responds positively to reward you.

  • Work Hard: You cannot taste success ever in life without putting efforts to achieve it. Just keep trying until you reach your goal. Past has proven this many times that people who don’t quit trying are the only ones who make it to the end.
  • Live in Now: Are you too caught up thinking……Oh, what will happen to me in my 60’s? Or,
    • Will I be able to own a house 5 years from now?
    • Will my child get through the medical entrance exam?
    • Will I get promotion this year?
    • Will I ever go to world holiday tour?

Who knows what is going to happen tomorrow? But, all these desires or wishes will surely come true if you use your present wisely.

 Positivity +efforts = success

This has been a time tested formula for many successful people.

  • Take baby steps: Make just one of your meals healthy  to begin with, work out for at least 10 minutes a day, make one person happy every day, forgive one person every day, write one thank you note to God before sleeping, walk to your nearest park or grocery store, etc.

Small changes sum up to bring big changes in life. You need to focus on taking baby steps to achieve your desires. Get the basics right first and the rest will follow. So, always look at doing the small things right and it will automatically line-up big things to fall in place.

  • Be an early bird: The human biological clock is designed to work with nature and not against it. If you can just tune yourself to wake up at 5 AM every morning, you will see success in every sphere of life.

In early morning, there is a lot of positivity in the environment as most people are sleeping so their negative thoughts are not polluting the environment. When you wake up early in the morning and spend time with yourself, you will get answers to most difficult problems of your life.

In fact, you can choose to read ‘The 5 AM Club’ by Robin Sharma to understand how miracles happen just by regularly waking up early in the morning. There is a whole lot of hormones, mental energies and positivity outside that work hand in hand to bring you miraculous results.

  • Be Self-confident: Always be very very confident of yourself. The world sees you the way you see yourself. Even if you are cooking food, cook with full confidence. If you have to buy groceries, walk tall and happy to your nearest grocery store.

Confidence can bring amazing unexpected results to you. But, be really confident and not fake it. You will see the world responds so positively to a confident person like you.

  • Choose home-cooked food: Home cooked food is surely the best food for our body. Hire somebody to assist you in cooking but make sure to carry your food to work every day. Home cooked food not just brings you good health but it also brings emotional contentment which invites wellbeing.
  1. Embrace your problems: Try to look beyond your constant concerns and worries. Problems will come to test you, but you must be more solution oriented rather than focusing on problems themselves.

Someone has rightly said, ‘Life is a journey not a destination.’ So, you need to take life with a pinch of salt. If life throws lemons at you, make lemonade and enjoy that! The one, who happily accepts his destiny, is far better equipped to deal with it successfully.

Remember your positivity can change any situation in life. Life is just an exchange of energies, whether positive or negative is purely your choice. Once you have tested this formula of being positive no matter what, you will see that everything starts turning in your favour.

So, instead of asking life why me……..you must say try me…..

These were 10 things that will make a huge positive impact in each one’s life if followed this year. Let this year set each one of us on a beautiful journey of self realization which will help us tab the immense potential in us.

Please share this, if you liked this piece of my creation. Happy New Year to you!!!

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