An interesting story narrating, ‘Success comes when you go beyond your fears’

There was a wise king who lived in a village. The king was known for his unique gesture which was that he had a soft-corner for criminals for he believed everyone deserves a chance to change. So, under his administration, he devised punishments for the criminals wittily.

But, did not disclose it to anyone, for only the brave would have the courage to go beyond their fears.

One day, a murderer was brought to the king. The king decided to punish the criminal. He gave him two options. He told him, ‘either he would be hung at the gallows or he may have to pass through the pitch dark tunnel which ends into a huge dark mysterious iron door. The criminal had to take whatever is behind the mysterious door.

Nobody ever knew what is behind that mysterious door as nobody ever had guts to ask the king. So, this criminal was scared and confused. He immediately chose to go to gallows as he was scared of facing the mysterious door.

He was taken to the hanging point and was asked for his last wish. He said, ‘My last wish is to know what is behind that mysterious door?’ So, he was taken to the king and on asking him this question, he laughed out loud and said. ‘The mysterious door carried the freedom to live life once again.’

The criminal was extremely upset on learning this but he was too late in realizing what cowardness could do. He lost his life just because he was fearful.

This is exactly what is happening with most of us. We are so fearful of failures that we just stop trying. Most of us would have been somebody we desire to be but just because we never tried so we never could become that somebody.

Please remember that life is secretive but is surely not a mystery. One who has the courage of going beyond the fears is the one who will conquer life.

So, let us keep trying and keep making mistakes only to learn from them. Let us go beyond our fears to chase unconventional paths to success.

Let us go beyond our fears to chase our inner calling. For, success only touches those who dare to chase their dreams.

Happy Morning 🙂

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