Self Healing: The real life story of Louise Hay who healed herself of cancer just by positive thinking

Positive thinking can do wonders as it attracts magic in our lives. This is something that we have been reading, hearing, and watching people talk about, but have you ever heard of some real-life magic happening due to the power of positivity?

Today, I will walk you through the journey of one real-life example of a woman who shattered the world by curing herself of a deadly advanced stage of cancer. Her name is ‘Louise Hay’. By healing herself without any chemotherapy, drugs or surgery, she showed the world that we each are healers on the planet.

Louise was diagnosed with a deadly advanced stage of cervical cancer in her later 70’s. That’s the time when most people feel they are too old to handle such fatal health issues and pray to depart from the planet soon.

But, this brave woman thought of curing herself using the power of positive thinking. Louise had a very difficult and deprived childhood. She was raped at the age of 5, followed by multiple sexual harassments by her stepfather. She could not finish her education and dropped out of high school. She eloped from her house in search of love and became a mother at the age of 16.

She was married for 14 long years which ended into a divorce. Her struggles in every aspect of her life were endless. She struggled financially, emotionally and physically. She had very low self-esteem and never realized her value until she was faced with deadly cancer.

The doctors in the US, told her to undergo surgery immediately, post which she would be put on chemotherapy and anti-cancer medication. But, she had some other plans?

She had been associated with a local church where she became a religious science practitioner. Here, she would speak out positive affirmations to heal people of their illnesses. She thought, now was the time to test the healing power of those affirmations on her.

If her approach to positivity did not work, it would have been fatal for her as the cancer was already in its advanced stage. But, she gathered the courage and went ahead in this unknown path of self-healing by fixing one’s thinking.

She got into deep self-introspection and realized that her sub-conscious mind holds many negative feelings of anger, frustration, guilt, resentment, betrayal towards everyone who wronged her. The first thing she did is to release all those bad negative feelings from her mind. She got into deep meditation for hours together that helped her mind to release all negative emotions completely.

She realized that cancer is formed due to such negative emotions that we hold knowingly or unknowingly in our minds for a long period of time. Such negative feelings act like poison for the cells of our body which eventually manifest into diseases like cancer.

She started creating only positive thoughts. She immersed into a postive self-talk telling her body how much she loves it. She repetitively told every single cell of her body how much she loved and appreciated it. She would stand in front of her mirror and repeat thousands of affirmations to love, thank, respect and appreciate her body.

She also focused a lot on her diet and removed junk food completely from it. She started feeding on nourishing soups, vegetables, and fruits. She practiced this routine for about three months, and to her doctors’ great surprise, her cancerous lump had dissolved completely.

She then got down to writing her first book, ‘You can heal your life’. This book was rejected by all the publishers as they didn’t see any potential in the content of the book. After receiving multiple rejections, Louise went out to publish the book herself using the printer available at the church. The book sold out in millions, and she rose to immense fame and success.

Since then, Louise lived the best days of her life in her 80’s and 90’s. Her story is truly inspiring for all of us who are caught in all possible big and small challenges of life, which appear to be upsetting, demoralizing and even disheartening.

There is no bigger gift you can give yourself than the gift of joy. As humans, we are blessed with the power to create our lives the way we want. The power to create lies in our every single thought that we think in our mind. The power to create lies in every single word that we speak. It is as simple as that!

So, why not use the immense power of positivity to create lives we ever wanted to live. Why not create abundant wealth, health and love using the power to think. And, the first step is to be as positive as one can be while thinking in our mind.

Let no person or situation dominate our mind to create negative thoughts that act as a poison. Let us practice this immense power of thinking positive no matter what and let’s see the magic it starts creating in our lives.

Are you ready for it?

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