How to create long-lasting happiness in your child?

Kids usually have a long lists of things to buy. Everytime they see something fascianting toys or games owned by their freinds, they have a desire to own it too. On top of it, shopping with our little wonders is also quite challenging. They get tempted to buy a new toy or a game, the moment they see some stacked on the retail store’s shelves.

It is a common story that happens to every parent. When the child wants something, they will persistently demand it every day till they get it. And, there is nothing wrong in demanding toys but there definitely has to be a limit.

After all, as parents we need to save a lot of money for kids studies and future needs. For this, we as a family need to control our expenses. One of the main concerns here is that once you buy kids their favorite toys, you see their eyes brimming with joy. But, unfortunately, the joy lasts only for a few hours and then you see the toy thrown carelessly in some corner of the room.

In next few days, you see your kid demanding another new doll, or a car, or a make up kit, etc. And, this goes on for ever till when you think of a strategy to make your child realise to value what they possess already rather than going on demanding more.

Buying kids their favorite toys definitely gives us much joy as parents, but it is also our responsibility to help our kids grow to be thankful and contented with what they have. We want their happiness to last longer and not vanish away in just a few hours.

But, the question is, how can we achieve long lasting happiness or contentment in our child?

The answer is very simple and something that we have been listening since the old days. The basic rule of happiness say that, ‘True happiness lies in ‘giving’ and not taking.’ When your child gives , the happiness he or she experiences in very long-lasting.

The best way to make our kids happy forever is to ensure they realize how fortunate they are to have so much in life. This will go a long way in raising happy, contented kids who grow up to become happy, contented adults.

Here are ways to ensure your child learns to give:

  • Plant 5 trees every month: The greatest pleasure comes from seeing the small plant grow to give beautiful flowers in your own garden. You must buy a few plants every month and ask the child to plant them, nurture them and water them every day.

You are helping the child give his love and care to the environment which will bring back a lot of love and happiness from Mother Nature.

  • Donate old clothes and books: Keep all the old clothes of your child safe with you. And, every year, you must go to a close-by orphanage with your child to donate old clothes.

This will be a big help for orphan kids who will shower their love and blessings on your child. Your child is learning to give back to society, which brings immense happiness to you and your child.

  • Let your child’s birthday be a day of ‘giving’’ rather than just ‘taking’ presents: Throwing a lavish birthday bash does not ever bring long lasting happiness. And, somehow, there are ways of using your money much better than just spending all of it in a lavish bash.

Distribute home-cooked food to the poor and deprived on your child’s birthday. Sponsor a girl child to study for a year on your child’s birthday. Or just donate some money for people suffering from severe incurable health disorders.

Let the birthday celebration be there, but always make your child’s birthday more of a giving day rather than a taking day.

These are small acts of kindness that will nurture undying happiness in your child’s heart. Givers are blessed by Universe to receive so much more than what they give out. Let your child grow up to become kind and compassionate, for it is these qualities that make a human being a true human being. Such acts of kindness also invite good health and well-being of your child.

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