The inspiring story of Marla Runyan

The biggest fear that each one of us invariably carries inside is, ‘How will people perceive me?’ Whether, we are preparing for an entrance exam or we are looking forward to starting a business venture, we are always stuck in this prevailing thought – ‘What will people say if this didn’t work out?’

The first and foremost thing to always remember in life is that ‘The only person thinking about you every moment of life is you.’’ Yes, the only person who thinks about you is just you.’

Others are here to express their understanding of what they see in you. But, beliefs or opinions of others about you don’t have to be your reality. Your reality will only be defined by what you think of yourself.

The inspiring story of Marla Runyan

Marla Runyan is an athlete who won 5 gold medals at the Paralympics. She was the very first blind athlete who participated in marathon in the Olympics. She developed blindness when she was just 9 years old. However, she could still make our shapes and shadows as her peripheral vision sustained.

Unfortunately, her vision kept deteriorating with every passing year. But, with her strong will-power and self-belief, she won many accolades that were impossible for a blind person. She has won the following titles:

  • In 1994, she won a master’s degree in communicative disorders.
  • While studying Master’s she actively participated in the heptathlon, high-jump, javelin throw, long jump, shot put, etc.
  • In 2000, she became the first blind athlete to qualify a 1500-meter event for the US Olympic team.
  • She participated in various sports and won many medals and titles.
  • She was titled as the fastest athlete, with the second-fastest debut time in New York City.
  • Later, she developed many other health concerns along with poor eyesight, which prevented her from continuing at the Olympics.

But, she did not let her health troubles affect her and stop her. Instead in 2001, she wrote her autobiography, ‘’No Finish Line: My life as I see it.”

How did you think Marla achieved so much despite being blind? She could achieve so much because she always wanted to prove herself that she can achieve anything despite being blind.

Had she ever thought, ‘how I can go to the Olympics, what will people say about me?’ or, ‘People will laugh at my competencies as I am blind’. Just mere thoughts like these would have changed her fate for worse.

Marla had the courage to chase her dreams despite being blind. She could achieve so much as she just focused on herself. She never bothered what others will say or think of her. She later married her coach and has a daughter with him. She now teaches blind kids in a school.

Marla and many other inspiring stories go around showing that this life is precious, and must be lived on your own terms. Let no self-doubt ruin your golden future that can be carved, created, and can be made a reality by your self-determination and will power.

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