What is good or bad –who knows?

In life, when something unpleasant happens, we get so stressed out or sad about it. But, have you ever wondered what those unpleasant situations are here for? Perhaps! You don’t have the answer now, but you will surely get a solution to all your problems at some point in life.

The unpleasant situations as they may appear to seem so only at the face of it. Beneath every unpleasant situation lies the immense potential of grabbing success, wisdom and wealth. How?Well, Let us understand this with a story….

Story of a common girl named Meera

Meera, a six-year-old girl, was born to poor parents. Meera’s father was a laborer and would earn hardly enough to feed his family. Her mother was a home-maker. She lived with her family in a small village in the Interiors of Andhra Pradesh.

Her father would leave to work early in the morning. He was engaged in constructing buildings far from the village. His construction sites were 40 km away from the town. He would cycle to his place of work and would reach back home really late in the night.

Days would pass by Meera hardly got to see her father, except on Sundays. Her mother would take care of the entire household work and would work as a domestic help to make some extra money.

There were times when Meera and her parents ate only one meal a day. At times, her parents would skip their meals only to ensure that their girl is fed. Life appeared to be so challenging for this small family.

Meera had a cousin, called Dia, who used to live in another village. She was three years older than Meera. Her father and Meera’s father were real brothers. When Meera’s grandfather died, he distributed his large pieces of land amongst his two sons equally. But, Meera’s father was faced with famine and drought which led him to sell off his farm to look after his family. So, he took up the job of a laborer to make some money to run his family.

On the contrary, his brother managed to thrive on his piece of land in another village, where he currently stayed. He was quite well-off and had enough riches to live comfortably. Though he was a good man, his heart was not big enough to help his brother in this challenging time of need.

Neither did Meera’s father believed in taking favors. He wanted to win life on his own terms. Life moved on…… Meera would often ask her parents why they are not as rich as Dia’s parents. Her father didn’t have an answer to her concerns but would assure her that one day they will have everything they desire.

Days passed by, and Meera and her family kept their struggles on with life. Meera had gotten used to tolerating hunger and would happily feed on whatever is available. Meera wasn’t sent to school as her parents could not afford it.

At home, she would play out in the Sun or would help her mother in her household activities. while growing up, she learned how to cook as she would cook with her mother. When she grew up, she started working as a kitchen help. She honed her cooking skills furhter with her keen interest.

Her income brought some respite to their poverty, and their financial health started improving. Meera began working as a domestic cook now in many other houses. On the other hand, Meera’s cousin Dia was well-educated and well looked after. She finished her schooling and was sent to a college to study further.

Meera had grown up with a desire to be rich and self-sufficient one day. She really valued every single penny earned by her. She would wisely contribute towards the family expenses and would save the rest of the money every month.

One day, Meera thought of starting her own home-made pickle business. She used her savings to get all the ingredients, and she and her mother would get together to make some really nice delicious pickles. They would sell it from home.

Her business started picking up. And, people started liking her products. She continued working very hard and introduced new pickle variants and other dry snacks to sell. People from other villages would also visit only to buy her products.

Her father gave up his job and joined Meera in expanding her business. They could finally come out of poverty and feed themselves well. On the other hand, Dia finished college and took up the job of a manager with a cloth-manufacturing unit in her village.

She earned a good salary but would spend most of it. After a few years, she got married and moved to a city. Though her life was good, she earned only as much as her job paid.

Meera turned herself into a full-fledged businesswoman. She opened a shop and later established her own manufacturing plant to manufacture dry snacks and pickles. Since she had faced the harshness of life right from childhood, so she was not used to the luxuries of living. She believed in working tirelessly and in maintaining a simple living.

Her simplistic positive attitude, backed by her immense tolerance and patience earned by struggling all her life, made her strong enough to beat her competitors. She grew to become one of the richest business entrepreneurs in the country. She later learned English and would travel overseas to tab new markets.

Dia, who had a comfortable living, lacked patience, tolerance, wisdom and a burning desire to be somebody in life. `Though she was settled in life, yet her cousin Meera was far more accomplished, financially strong, well-traveled, wise, and patient than her.

So, those unpleasant situations in Meera’s life had only come to bring much more pleasant situations later. Had she immersed herself in the pain of hunger and poverty, she would never have become what she is today. Had she envied her cousin Dia, she wouldn’t have gained the wisdom to succeed.

This story teaches us that life is indeed the best teacher. No book, no school, no teacher can bring such invaluable learnings as life does.  There is nothing more powerful than human determination. Human determination backed by patience, tolerance, and will-power is the sure-shot formula to success.

The degrees that you earn on a mere piece of paper fails miserably when life tests you. So, why not make lemonade and enjoy life when it throws lemons at you. Because life has a bigger plan for you, you only need to learn those lessons that it wants you to learn………..And, remember who knows what is good or bad?

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