I love the way I am – says the woman with 95 inches of waist and 246 kg weight

Bobby – Jo Westley, a woman from Pennsylvania, has got the most enormous hips on the planet!! And, she is all set to get her name recorded in the Guinness book for having the bulkiest and the largest thighs.

She is far too much than just being called ‘obese’. Such kind of obesity is life-threatening, and doctors have already warned her of this. But, she doesn’t seem to get affected by doctors’ suggestions and is eating more and more only to build a record in her name.

Bobby-Jo looks really awkward and bulky and draws complete attention wherever she goes. She finds it extremely challenging to walk around. Taking stairs is like a nightmare for the lady, and needs help in just stepping up a few steps. She is housebound and runs out of breath in just walking around a room.

Man….how bulkyyyyy is she???? How fatttttt….my God!!!!!! Her online social media accounts are flooded with such negative comments online. But, she happily ignores them and continues to eat the way she eats. She is 42 years old and her height is 5 feet 2 inches.

The best part about her story is that, despite having such odd body shape and despite being so bulky, she loves herself completely. Probably her love for herself has made her survive so long; otherwise, it is extremely difficult for her heart to work with such immensely unhealthy body physiology.

Though Bobby-Jo must stop eating if she really cares about her life, and she must start leading a healthy lifestyle under medical supervision and nutritional guidance if she really wants to survive. But, the point I am trying to draw here is that loving yourself or not is just about having the right perception.

You would be surprised to know that she receives many marriage and dating proposals despite being so fat. It is because she loves herself, which is why people also love the way she is.

And, just take a moment to think, how critical we get with our bodies, our lives, and our actions. A few bulges here and there and we are already worried about how we are looking. I think we tend to overthink when it comes to being overweight and obese.

One must get into a regular fitness regime by watching diet and getting into a regular workout not just to lose weight but to become fitter and stronger. Life is to live and enjoy! Everyone gets their Christmas, Diwali, or other festivals celebrated with sweets, chocolates and cakes. It’s perfectly all right to gain a few pounds during the festive season.

Many women fight to get back in shape post their pregnancy. It is alright……You just need to work a little consistently on your weight in order to get back to shape. Your looks are not just defined by your body shape, but your aura, your confidence, your positivity, and your smile are essential to make you look good.

So, just enjoy every moment of your life. If you are thin, fat, dark, obese, short, etc. and you feel bad about it, then do remember this lady, Bobby- Jo and bounce back with love and acceptance for self. It is extremely important to love and respect self, and once you start loving the way you are, rest everything will just flow in your life.

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