How can I increase my positivity?

Positivity is somehow getting lost in current times! All of us aspire to be somebody rich, somebody renowned, somebody famous and we want all of it desperately. Most of us are not happy because we haven’t achieved the desired goals in our life yet.

Ironically, in life, you will come across rich people with a great family to support, having all the comforts they could think of but are still not happy. So, a fact that needs to be pondered upon is whether positivity and happiness is related to materialistic achievements?

Most people keep postponing their happiness for the day when they will achieve all the riches and money they dream of. How wise is that all of us know? Because, there is never a point in time when all is perfect the way it should be.

Most rich people are stuck in boredom and which is why they frustrated at all times. Whenever there is a lack of positivity, we feel negative, sad, and resentful of the choices we made in the past. Of course, there are moments of happiness in our lives but those moments are very short-lived.

We need to understand that we are on a journey called life. Every single thing that has happened to us has happened only to take us forward on our journey. In order, to look at life with a positive perspective, here is what you should do:

  • Pick up one activity every day that makes you feel good: Doing something that you like will surely make you happy. Pick up one task each day that you love doing. It could merely be cooking, gardening, dancing, singing, embroidery, baking, cleaning, etc. Pursuing hobbies is very important as it raises your happiness quotient.
  • Connect with nature: Mother Nature showers immense love on each of us. Nature also is one of the secret healers and inspirers. When you connect with nature, it heals you, aspires you, and transforms you. You must try to go out on morning walks or just spend some time regularly outside in the park enjoying the cool breeze and its freshness.

Planting trees at home and nurturing them is therefore considered to be one of the best hobbies. Just pull out sometime, especially in the morning hours to admire the beauty of nature.

It is also tried and tested, that people who see the rising Sun, rise beyond their expectations in life and reach the pinnacle of success.

  • Pray and Meditate: Prayer gives you much strength to face the challenges of life. And, in one of the recent researches, it was seen that people who practiced meditation possessed long-lasting happiness than people who did not.

Meditation opens all the closed doors of life. It guides you to reach out to your inner calling. It gives you the wisdom to deal with situations better. People who meditate regularly have a beautiful, strong aura around which attracts all the good in life.

  • Look at the positive side of every situation: This is my personally tested formula for staying happy. I try to look at the positive side of every situation. No matter how worse the situation is, there is always something positive attached to it.

So basically, you need to work on your perspective of looking at people and situations positively. Every person no matter how bad he or she appears to be has something good in him or her. You must meet everybody with this firm belief that ‘your good comes from everyone’.

  • Stop fitting in just for acceptance: A lot of us want to lose weight just to look good and be appreciated by our friends. Many others want to be rich to define their status symbol and be accepted by high-class society. But, what fun is there in getting accepted by others?

There is indeed a far more important thing that each one of us is missing out on. It is the need to love and accept ourselves the way we are. The moment we start loving ourselves, everyone else also starts loving and accepting us the way we are.

I hope these five tips were useful. I am already trying to increase my positivity for the past couple of months. I meditate daily, go out on long morning walks, and I look at the positive side of every situation no matter what. Are you doing your bit?

If not, then it’s high time to take charge of your life. It is high time to start living your life the way it is designed and meant to be.

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