A parrot who never flew

There was a parrot seller who would catch parrots from the jungle and sell them to earn a living. As the parrot seller was quite popular, so people from nearby places would come to buy parrots from his shop.

One day, a man was passing by and his eyes falls on beautiful green parrots of that parrot seller. He notices that there are two parrots kept in separate cages. The cages of both the parrots are very different. One of the parrots is kept in a cage with a door but no lock put. On the other hand, the other cage has two locks fastened to ensure that the parrot doesn’t fly off.

The man gets curious to know the reason behind this. He walks over to the shop owner and asks, ‘Why is it that you have not fastened any lock on the first parrot’s cage, and the parrot is not even trying to escape through the door? But, for the other parrot, you have fastened two locks? Perhaps you forgot to lock the first parrot’s cage and by mistake put both the locks in the second parrot’s cage.

The shop owner laughed out loud and said, ‘the first parrot was caught by him when it was a newborn baby bird. Since then, it has been kept in that cage. The parrot has grown up believing that it cannot fly and so does not even try it ever. So, it reamins safe with unlocked door as it beleives it cant fly. But, the other parrot was caught much later. It knows what freedom is and strives with all its might to break free. It is always biting on the lock trying to break it. It even almost escaped twice and which is why two locks have been placed in its cage to ensure it does not fly off.

This story brings one of the best lessons of life. Most of us are like the first parrot. We have held certain wrong beliefs about life so firmly that it holds us back from flying off. We are not even aware that life is waiting to favor us, and all we need is to take the first step of opening the door.

Let’s look beyond our fears and beliefs to fly into the sky carrying our dreams on our wings.

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