Beautiful mornings lead to fulfilling lives…….

Every morning embarks a fresh start! Every morning unfolds a new page to write a new story. No matter how your life is currently, you can steer it to a different direction if you take charge of your mornings.

Often people wake up and start thinking of their problems and worries. We are always caught up in our negative whirlpool of thoughts. A human mind thinks about 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts each day. And, you would be surprised to know that 90% of the thoughts are the same thoughts that we had the previous day. So, perpetually we are thinking the same thoughts every day.

This is the reason why we end up facing the same problem each day, we end up having the same routine every day, and our worries and concerns stretch up for so long. Actually, to bring in positive change in life, we need to get into the root cause of problems. And, to turn around our lives we need to change these 80,000 negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

 The key to changing the thought process into positive lies in practicing positive thoughts soon after waking up. You must charge your minds with beautiful thoughts to nourish it.

A few mistakes that are holding us from taking charge of our mornings…..

  • Worrying over routine things soon after waking up: The first few thoughts of the day will define the rest of your day. Create the best thoughts in mind, soon after waking up. And, let those negative worries and concerns stay away from you in the first hour of the day.

By creating positive powerful thoughts, you are training your subconscious mind to stay positive through out the day.

  • Checking phone soon after waking up: Morning is the time which you must devote to yourself. It is the time when you must unplug yourself from electronic gadgets and spend time in self-introspection.

The first few thoughts of the day will define the quality of your day ahead. Checking your phone in morning time gets you engaged with your regular work concerns or some other personal concerns, which I am sure, will not help you take control of your thoughts.

  • Reading Newspaper: Newspapers are filled with news of violence, rape, murder, suicides, etc. You don’t want to feed such negative information to your mind right in the morning. To keep yourself updated about the happenings around the world, you can choose to read newspaper in the evenings.

Also please don’t choose to read newspapers in the night, soon before hitting the bed. Those thoughts get trapped in the mind and radiate low vibration frequency which manifest while you are fast asleep. Instead, any time between late mornings to early evenings is a good time to devote to reading newspaper.

  • Sipping in tea or coffee as the first thing in morning: In the mornings, our bodies are fully energized. The body secretes higher levels of cortisol and adrenocorticotropic hormone in mornings that help us wake up fresh and active.

The mornings must begin with high energy positive thoughts of gratitude and thankfulness. These thoughts will charge up your mind so much that you will feel fully awake, zealous and stimulated to kick start your new day. You can instead choose to drink two glasses of warm water which will improve your health immensely in the long run.

Coffee and tea can wait to fit in little later once you have naturally stimulated yourself.  There is nothing better than letting your mind feel fresh, active and awaken through a natural process rather than using artificial stimulants to do that.

  • Visualize the life you want to live: Visualizations can do wonders in your life. You manifest and create what you want by visualizing that in mind. Imagine yourself leading the life you desired in present. Imagine yourself leading a healthy and a happy life with your loved ones.

These are some wonderful tips to charge-up your mornings. Once your mornings are charged-up, your life will automatically fall in place. You will attract beautiful incidents to your life and will be mesmerized to see how life works in full force to make you happy and zealous once you start befriending it.

Happy Mornings:)

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