How Meera, a small towner, rose to success?

Meera was a small little girl who lived in the mountains with her parents. Her father was a gardener, and her mother would work at farms. She was the only daughter of her parents.

Meera was dark in complexion, unlike other mountain girls. All other people had white skin with sharp features. The girls of the mountain were admired for thier beauty and skin. Meera was dead opposite in appearnce of what a mountain girl is expected to be.

Meera would go to a school near her house where many other kids from her locality would also come to study. Due to the stark difference in appearance, she was constantly mocked by all her classmates. Meera would get upset hearing the comments of her friends.

Many mountain women would give some remedies to Meera’s mother, only to improve her complexion. Their skin brightening recipes made Meera feel as if she is not appealing and good-looking. Meera’s mother was a wise woman. She totally ignored silly suggestions given by her freinds and relatives about whitening Meera’s skin complexion and loved her a lot.

As time passed by, Meera had gotten used to harsh comments and mocking of her friends. Somewhere deep inside her mind, she started beleiving that all is not well as she was not born pretty. Soon, when she entered her teens, she started hating herself.

Meera’s mother could sense this bitterness in her. But, no matter how hard she tried to help Meera, she never improved on her attitude.

A few years passed by, Meera and her parents happened to travel to a far-away land to attend their family’s social function. Soon after arriving there, she met all her cousins, uncles, and aunts, who were extremely glad to meet her and her parents.

The occasion was her cousin’s Shiara’s marriage. Meera had met Shiara when she was too small. In all these years, due to poor financial health Meera’s parents could not travel much and so she hardly got an opportunity to mingle with her extended family.

All the elders were busy talking and chatting with each other. Meanwhile, Shiara invited Meera to her room. They both sat and chatted with each other about their studies, life, likings, etc. Shiara was also a dark-complexioned girl. Her features were quite blunt, and she was dark brown in complexion.

Shiara and Meera chatted for hours together. Meera could relate to Shiara as she resembled her in complexion. She felt safe in her company as there was no scope to be judged for her looks. Shiara showed Meera her fiance’s pictures which just blew away Meera’s mind. He was tall, FAIR, and a handsome guy.

Meera was surprised to see how Shiara could find such a good match despite having such average looks. She was curious to know how their marriage worked out. And, with a little reluctance, asked Shiara, ‘How did you meet him?’

Shiara told that theirs was an arranged marriage. Her parents chose this boy for her, and they just met once and liked each other. Shiara was a nice open-hearted girl. She went on further to tell Meera that the best part about her fiance’ is that he was looking for a girl who was independent and smart. A Girl’s appearance did not matter much to him.

She further told, that when they started chatting in their first meeting, they both liked each other. Also, the fact that Shiara was extremely confident of herself drew her fiance’s attention to her. Shiara was working with an MNC and was financially well-settled.

Shiara’s way of looking at herself was stark opposite to how Meera gauged herself. Shiara was totally immersed in liking herself and would take extremely good care of her body and health. She would very confidently meet everyone and was incredibly joyous by nature. It is her self-confidence and self-love that attracted everything in her life as she desired. She was extremely happy and contented with her life.

Meeting Shiara was a turning point in Meera’s life. Meera thanked God to have given her an opporutnity to meet Shiara. Meera realized that her self-critical analysis and self-hatred stopped her from chasing her dreams. From that day onwards, she decided to change her attitude. She accepted herself the way she was, and this was a big turning point in her life.

Meera started working on her inner self. She started accepting, approving and loving herself the way she was. Her performance in studies improved immensely. She was radiating joy, and her confidence could be sensed just by looking at her.

Her friends also noticed many positive changes in her. Many boys walked up to her in her school to express how beautiful she looked. Meera’s joy was beyond imagination. Her positivity increased with every passing day.

She grew up to become a tall, sharp-featured and very elegant looking girl. She was spotted and hired by a modeling agency. She modeled for a couple of years and finally started her own fashion brand. Her business sky-rocketed in few years and she became a popular name in the fashion industry.

Meera could turn around her life only when she started believing in herself. She got married to one of her friends from the fashion industry and lived happily ever after. And, just to tell you this radiant young lady was labeled as gorgeous and stylish by the entire society.

So, what changed in Meera was the way she looked herself. The day she started believing that she is beautiful and confident, she became one. That changed the way the world started seeing her. So, what you believe is what you become. There is nothing that can stop you from achieving anything in life. All you need to do is to wear your confidence well.

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