Stop wasting your time complaining!

Stop Wasting Your Time Complaining

We have heard of this saying plenty of times, but we hardly implement it in
our lives. So, I thought of writing a beautiful story to justify this saying,
‘Stop wasting your time complaining.’

Manav, a civil engineer, was a modern guy who worked hard to earn a living.
He had been living in Delhi for all his life. He was a mid-aged guy who weighed
110 kgs. He was well-dressed up always but had a problem with his attitude. The
complexities of life had turned him into a complaint box who would nag about
every other thing that happened to him.

Manav was due for promotion, but to let that happen, he was required to
serve in a village in Chhattisgarh for a few years.

Manav had a good standard of living. He owned a well-furnished flat in one of
the posh colonies of Delhi, which had been gifted by his grandfather. He loved
to hang out at pubs or late dinner parties with friends over a weekend.

One day Manav, as usual, reported to work. His desk was filled with files
that need to be cleared. He somehow managed to take a break in between for
lunch. After a short break of 10 minutes, he was back to work. Soon after, he
started feeling sharp pain in his chest. He ignored it initially but the pain
grew to raise his concern on the same. He immediately showed up to his
physician, who after examining him, told that his heart needs attention. There
were 40% blockages in his arteries which called for immediate change in his
lifestyle and eating habits. Moreover, he needed to address his weight issues
to reduce the load on his heart.

Manav was not much of a smoker or drinker, but he wouldn’t mind doing either
in the company of his friends. Manav was still not able to settle down with
such bad news from the doctor, and there is another news from his boss. Manav
had been transferred to the project going in one of the villages of

He was totally upset with this news of transfer to a village. He cribbed badly on his boss
and his career. But, as fate would have it, he packed his bag to leave the very
next week. His posting was at Nardaha village which was a small village with
just the necessary facilities. There were no shopping outlets, movie theaters,
eat-outs, etc. for entertainment.

Manav was made to stay in a guest-house with one room. He logged in to the guest house and was extremely upset to see the set-up. There was no refrigerator in his room, but it had an earthen pot to serve cold water. The bed was old-fashioned with a hard mattress on it, completely different than a thick soft cushiony mattress of Manav back home.

 Thankfully, he thought there is a car with a driver to travel to his place of work. He immediately left to report at the project site. The site was 5 kms away from his stay. Manav was cribbing all the time while sitting back in the car. The car driver stopped the car soon after driving for 2 kms.

He told Manav that there is a bridge ahead, which needs to be walked over to
cross. Manav looked at the bridge and noticed it was a bamboo bridge, which
meant he had to walk back and forth each day. With a grin on his face, he got
down the car and started walking.

The driver told him that he would find one of his office staff at the end of the
bridge who would walk him further  to the site, which is 2 km inside the forest. He was further frustrated by hearing this and left without thanking the driver.

The office staff had come to receive Manav and carried some water bottles
for him. Manav hated this new lifestyle and hated the village and its ambience
completely. On returning home the same evening, Manav had walked around 6 km
which was extremely tiring for him. He was now even more desparate to go back home. After reaching back to his room, he was looking forward to having an
excellent non-veg meal at the guest house.

The cook laid the dinner on the table and invited Manav to eat. The food
menu contained dal, sabzi, roti, rice and salad. Manav hated this food at the very first sight of it, as he had a preference for non-vegetarian food. He somehow gulped down the food.

As he rose from his chair, the cook asked him if he liked the food. To this, he
angrily replied, ‘i hated it completely, get me some nice non-veg food from
tomorrow.’ The cook told Manav that there is no meat supply in the village and
moreover he is a Brahman which means he will not cook meat ever.

Manav murmured something in anger and left. His bed was not as comfortable
as expected, but since he was so tired, he easily fell off to sleep. The next
morning the same routine followed and continued for days together. Manav was
feeling home-sick and hated this new job role. He would especially miss those
nice dinner outings with a few drinks with his friends. Here, in this village,
he would go trekking on the jungle trail or would sit beside the river to check
out the natural view.

Manav had a complete 360-degree change in his lifestyle, which he did not
like, but, in view of his promotion, he was forced to undergo all this.
Anyways, Manav had spent about a year here and now was the time to move back.
One fine day he got a call from his boss stating that he is called back to
Delhi office.

For the first time in past year, Manav felt immense joy in his heart. He
immediately rushed back to pack his stuff and traveled back to Delhi. He
reported to his office the very next day. his colleagues were totally
mesmerized by the change in his looks and appearance. They asked him what had
he been doing as he looks so fit, fine and young.

The fine lines on his face had reduced. He seemed to have lost much weight.
His skin shined and he appeared to be 10 years younger than his age. Manav
couldn’t believe his ears and was happy to hear such positive comments. But, he
wouldn’t have the assurance of his improved health without seeing his doctor.

So, he immediately booked an appointment and went to see his regular
physician. The doctor was delighted to see the very first sight of Manav. He
examined him followed by a couple of tests. To his great surprise, the arterial
blockage had come down to just 15% and Manav had shed 15 kgs in one year. The
doctor was extremely happy to see this positive change and asked Manav what has
he been doing in the past one year.

Manav, who was totally thrilled on seeing positive health changes, said he
just ate simple vegetarian home-cooked freshly prepared food, walked 6 km every
day, abstained from smoking and drinking, and spent a lot of time in the lap of
Mother Nature. While telling all this to the doctor, Manav realized that it is all
these changes that he disliked so much, which has gifted good health to him.

He was feeling very sorry and resentful for his misbehavior to his office
staff, driver, and cook. He also understood that life conspired to force him to
lead a lifestyle that reversed aging and his medical conditions. He was now
so very grateful to his boss and his job.

Often, in life, we are faced with situations that make us feel helpless and
upset. We miss out on seeing the bigger picture that life is showing us. Life
is our dearest friend who is mistaken as a threat or an enemy. The only purpose
of writing this story was to tell you to embrace life with open arms and it
will reciprocate with goodies that you never imagined coming your way.


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