How to reverse negative sentiment towards someone?

Caught in a whirlpool of thoughts? Do your thoughts create hurt when you run them over and over again? Or, do you feel extreme hurt or hatred when you think of someone?

This is indeed one of the biggest problems that each one of us face these days. Having bitter experiences at work or with in your family is one of the commonest things these days. We tend to blame it on people, situations and circumstances but the fact is that somewhere we all have lost the power to adjust.

As a society, we are going towards becoming intolerant towards everything happening around us. I am sure, you would have read in newspapers that the world population of soloists is increasing at a faster rate. ‘Soloists’ refer to people choosing to stay all by themselves without any partner.

From Akola to Japan, the trend of soloist population is rising. You can check out this news in the link provided at the end of the blog. 

Usually, what happens is that when you have a tiff with a family member or a colleague, you develop negative emotions like hurt, disrespect, sadness in yourself. The incidence had happened in the past and is over forever. But, every time you see that person who had hurt you, your emotions of hurt, anger, sadness emerge in your mind.

Sometimes, the hurt is to such an extent that the same incidence runs over in your mind repetitively for days together. The magnitude of hurt also keeps increasing with increasing time. And, now we are caught in a negative whirlpool of thoughts feeling victimised, hurt and helpless.

So, how do you deal with negative people, situations and circumstances?

Well, I have a very effective remedy to suggest here. Just sit in a comfortable posture with your back straight. And, take three deep breaths to calm down your body and mind. Then, just practice silence for 30 seconds. Try not to let any thought enter your mind during this time frame. 

Now, you must recreate that same fight or argument in your mind which has been troubling you a lot. And, recrete the exact same picture of the argument. Now, bring in the supreme power, which is God in whatever form you believe in. And, let God shower his love, peace and blessings on that scene. Imagine white light of God falling on to that scene having you and the other person arguing with each other.

The moment you do this and let the light of almighty fall on that scene, you will feel a lot of difference. The next time the same incidence is repeated in your mind, it will bring much less hurt and pain in you.

You must repeat doing this for a couple of days and you will see that your thoughts are soothing down and the hurt is going away. This is a proven experiment. 

The Supreme Soul or God has the highest frequency, the most powerful and the most healing vibration. When you bring his vibration to anything that is happening currently or has happened in the past, you heal that particular situation or person.

Once you do this experiment sincerely, you will see the results yourself. And, then you can use this technique to heal any past emotion or hurt that is troubling you.

So, this is how I personally heal my negative sentiment towards someone and it has been a very fulfilling experience so far. 

Please do try doing this and do mention your experiences in the comment box.

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