3 ways to stay positive and happy

Well, of course, with so many challenges and disappointments on life, one tends to feel negative and frustrated. This negativity holds us back to give 100% to every single moment of life. 

You will see that when you are negative or depressed, even the small regular tasks like cooking food for the family, cleaning the house, driving down to the nearby grocery store, or regular office work, looks like a task to you. Negativity holds us back from taking things on a positive stride, and instead, it instills victim feelings in us.

Negativity holds you back from living life to the fullest. And, the moment your mind gets dominated by negative thoughts, than more and more negativity flows in life. Unfortunately, for most people in life, every day starts on a sad or negative note. 

Here, are 3 ways to help you stay positive and happy.

Empower your mind by following these small rituals

Positivity and happiness is ingrained in our DNA. If happiness was not natural, then we would not have been born as happy kids. But, unfortunately, while growing up, we absorb some negative beliefs about ourselves or about life, which begins to manifest with time.

One small practice that I follow to take control of my mind is that I practice silence in morning hours, which nourishes my mind. No, I have not been able to master silence yet, but I feel totally empowered and peaceful after doing it every day.

It will help you to take control of your thoughts. Choosing a positive thought is merely a choice. But, most of us are not able to exert this choice because we have weakened our minds with negativity. This is where silence helps to regain the power of the mind and take charge of your thoughts.

Everything is working out for your highest good!

Okay, let me take you through some everyday disappointments in life:

You are not able to find the right job for yourself.

You feel stuck with your finances and wish to create a big money making business empire but do not know how to do that

You feel ignored by your spouse

You have unpleasant relationships with your family members

You are diagnosed with some chronic or lifestyle health disorder

You missed out on getting promoted though you were very well-deserving of it, and so, on.

These are some common challenges that each one of us faces a couple of times in life. But, so what if these challenges have come to test you? We all have immense power to not just overcome these challenges but also successfully overcome much bigger challenges.

And, have you ever observed that there are so many people around you who do not have as well paying job as you, as big house as you, as good car as you, as good health as you, but still are way too happy and contented.

The best way to overcome these challenges is to look at the positive side of life every time. There is something good hidden in every bad thing that surrounds us. We just need to change our way of looking at life.

Once you are determined that no matter what happens, you will only be positive, then life responds in ways beyond your imagination.

The key to long-lasting happiness is not to seek happiness in what you do but to be happy first and do everything in that happy state of mind. And, it is much easier to follow, as you need to just train your mind to think positively.

Once you start following this ritual, then you see how life appears to be beautiful, perfect, and complete in itself. 

Stay connected with nature

Morning time is the best time to absorb positive vibrant healing energy from nature. Go out on a morning walk to admire the chirping of birds, to enjoy the cool breeze of air that touches you, to see the beautiful orangish-red horizon of the sky. Nature is a giver and an endless healer. The more you are connected to life, the more blissful, positive, and joyful you are.

If you don’t have access to walking lanes near your houses, then you can probably access your balconies or sit out at porches and just close your eyes and fill yourself up with fresh air.

If you can just devote 15 minutes to staying close to nature, it will bring immense positivity and happiness to you. Just try this on, and you will thank me forever if you follow this one small ritual of staying connected to nature and enjoying its beauty.

I am always a believer of the fact that life is way too enjoyable and straightforward. We complicate it unnecessarily with negativity, depression, and regret. If you believe in the simplicity of life, then it will become more straightforward for you.

So, why not work towards finding immense pleasure, happiness and positivity in self and the rest will just follow.

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