Did you know these amazing benefits of laughing out loud?

Laughing is not just fun, but it is indeed a medicine to cure illnesses. You won’t believe that most people are getting cured of their serious illnesses only by watching funny laughter shows on television. 

Did you know you burn a lot of calories when you laugh out loud?

Yes, it is so amazing to know that with one minute of laughter, you burn as many calories as you burn in 10 minutes of workout. Imagine if you just laugh out loud for 2 minutes in a day, how much benefit you get in keeping youself fit.

Bye bye stress hormones

When you laugh a lot, you say bye bye to stress hormones. Stress hormones are the biggest culprit in raising blood pressure, developing diabetes, or having heart problems. When you laugh out loud, the body releases endorphins or feel-good factors, which nullify stress hormones in your body.

Isn’t it amazing to know about this? All you need to do is to add a little humour to your regular conversations and laugh out loud on all of them.

Laughing out loud improves your memory

Yes, people who are depressed or sad for a long time end up having memory loss in the longer run. But, when you laugh out loud, you tend to have a great memory even in older age. This has been tested and proven by science.

Laughing increases the antibodies in your body

Laughing out loud increases the antibodies in your body. Researches support that patients who laugh regularly respond positively to treatments and heal much faster. They also require fewer pain killers and have better tolerance for pain. 

Laughing must be a way of living. If you have the guts to laugh out at your problems, then even the problems grow smaller in time and eventually disappear. Whenever people get time these days, they are seen gossiping or bitching about someone or the other.

This adds so much negativity inside us. Instead, turn your office breaks into fun time by trying your sense of humour. It will make the entire environment light and will bring all those benefits that we have discussed above.

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