How to emotionally strengthen my child?

So often, we see our little kid getting upset on the comments made by his peers in school. Usually, kids take bullying or negative fun making comments to their hearts and feel angry about it. Sometimes mere remarks by the teacher upset our little wonders.

At times, it also happens that if the child is badly hurt by the negative comments of his friends, then he may refuse to go to school for a few days. Or, sometimes, a child’s morale is broken down, and he refuses to participate in activities with his peers. These are day to day everyday situations, and we need to learn to handle them efficiently.

Forcing the child to go to school in such cases can backfire in the long run. Wiseness lies in acting as per the child’s psychology to make him understand his true self-worth. This will empower him emotionally to fight with any odds throughout his life.

How to handle these situations?

The world is tough and harsh and will not make life easy for your kid. You will have to strengthen your kid emotionally and mentally so that he can quickly bounce back in these situations without getting affected.

And, once your child is emotionally or mentally strengthened, then there is nothing that can ever disturb him even when he grows up. Poor feedback from his boss or bullying by his colleagues, or hurting words from his spouse, nothing will ever dominate his mind.

So, this is, in fact, a wonderful opportunity to start working on building up your child’s emotional and mental health, which is the key to success in all spheres of life. It will also ensure that your child stays away from depression throughout his life.

Here, are a few things to help your child build mental and emotional strength:

Uniqueness: You must teach your child that each one of us is unique. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, and because each of us is unique, we are different from each other. It subtly trains the child’s mind to accept himself and others the way they are. And, trust me, this is the most significant learning that each one of us needs.

Share interesting anecdotes from your childhood showing how you and your friends have had different opinions and choices about things around. But, eventually, each one of you grew to become a happy well-accomplished adult. Narrate jungle stories showing that each animal is different, yet they all are equally important.

Don’t give too much weightage to your child’s hurt in front of him: We are all souls on a journey. Our past experiences of life get carried to our current life as well. The same holds true in the case of kids too. Some kids carry the trait of being very sensitive, aggressive, depressed, etc. from their previous lives.

For instance, if the child gets too hurt emotionally and shares a particular incidence where he was cornered or made fun of with you. Then, you need to be a patient listener and just try to assure the child that it’s okay, and it will all be fine. Giving too much weightage to your child’s emotional hurt or discussing that particular incidence over and over again will further create hurt in your child. 

Moreover, if the same incidence happens again, then your child will develop deeper hurt. So, whenever your child gets hurt or is ill-tempered, and you think the issue is trivial, then just divert the child’s mind to his strenghts like how wonderfully he painted the other day, or how nice cakes he made with the play dough.

Try to cover your child’s aura by your own positive thoughts like ‘All is well’, ‘My child is mentally and emotionally very strong’, and ‘no person or place has any influence over my child.’ You must always tell your child to ignore any harsh comments or pranks done by his friends ( of course, if it is not serious and does not need your intervention). Slowly over some time, you will see that your child remains unaffected by bullying or comments, and it does not disturb him anymore.

If your child learns to be strong enough mentally and emotionally, then you have won the battle in all aspects of your child’s development.

Focus more on internal development than an external one

We need to strengthen the child’s soul, who is the main doer or receiver of happenings around. We, as parents are always focussed on the external development of our kids. We make them learn to count, make them cram mathematical tables, send them to arts and crafts, or karate classes, etc to help them grow. We are always focused on the external development of our child. 

Here are a few ways to strengthen your child’s soul

  • Always teach your child to start his day by remembering God. The first word soon after waking up should be ‘Good Morning God’. It invites a lot of positivity in the day that is yet to unfold.
  • Always ask the child to thank God for the wonderful sleep last night.
  • After the bath, ask the child to do a few affirmations, one of my favorites are:

 No person or place can upset me at any cost. I remain happy always.

Just these three things will give you multiple benefits in only a few weeks. Just try them on, and you will know. There are many other techniques that I will be discussing in due course of time.

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