5 ways to teach life skills to your kids

We, as parents, tend to be overprotective towards our kids. We tend to make them aware of things well in advance and then stand by to guard them against all the odds.

This is a beautiful thing to be doing as a parent. But, in this process, the kids remain tender-hearted and sensitive and, at times, fail to face hardships on their own.

For 18 or more years that your child is going to stay with you, you need to teach your kids the real-life skills that will help them face the world.

Usually, when kids grow up and start living on their own, they feel unequipped to face the challenges and come back to you often for every small or big problem. They lack the courage or wisdom to deal with things at their end, and learning gets tough as your child grows up.

So, the best time to start equipping your child with life skills is ‘now’. If you start teaching your kid the basic life skills now onwards, then probably you will never have to teach them ever again, once they grow up.

So, here are 5 ways to teach life skills to your kids:

Set the right example: If we as parents mind our lives and its beliefs correctly, then more than half the job is done. The child absorbs, grasps, exhibits every big or small behavioural trait that he sees in his parents, especially moms.

So, when you are faced with hardships like:

Tiffs, fights, or politics at work: Don’t break down or show up frustration in front of your kid. I know it is easier said than done, but the change has to begin with you. Despite facing the toughest corcumstances, you must never scream, abuse, or cry in front of your kid.

Try to be affirmative in tone while resolving conflicts, but never use the wrong way or tone of talking, because if you do, then your child will copy the same for the rest of his life.

Respond with zeal and enthu to new challenges: Suppose a new project has been given with a thin deadline, or your domestic help doesn’t turn to work, or you have to work double shifts to make work happen in strict deadlines. How do you respond to these situations? 

I know it is very taxing in this fast-paced world to find extra time to do house chores or do extra work for the office, but an enthusiastic positive start can really make the journey much easier ahead.

Show your child that challenges are to be faced with positivity, and they will be conquered for sure. So, basically you need to bring in a positive perspective as a parent in you, and your child will definitely observe and respond to it. 

Try new tasks with your child to show that failures need to be equally enjoyed

Try a new game like playing basketball or badminton with your friends. Or, just take up a new indoor activity like cake making, baking cookies at home, or trying your hands in some craft that you have never done before.

Of course, when doing things for the first time, you will end up making a few mistakes here and there inviting failures. And, that is when you must laugh at your mistakes with your little CID inspector (your baby) around who is watching you enjoy your failures. 

This is indeed the biggest learning to give to your child which will help him celebrate life at every step. 

These small things make a huge difference in life. The emotions with which we parents approach life are the same emotions that are expressed by our kids when they grow up. 

Always lookout for ways to laugh: Laughing is indeed one of the biggest appreciation of life. When we laugh wholeheartedly, we are appreciating and enjoying life to the fullest. Laughing often shows how much you love and enjoy life despite all odds.

Your kid is watching you do all this. And, the real proof of all your hard work and consistent approach will be seen soon. So, whether your child has not been able to perform well in exams, or have not got admission in the best college he dreamt off, or have not been able to find the best job, your kid will have emotional intelligence to deal with these difficult circumstances positively.

Life is a giver by nature. It stops giving because we stop responding to what it has given us for so long. Problems will come in everyone’s life, but the way you respond to difficulties will decide your victory or failure in life.

I hope you will take things too relaxed with your child after reading this and will try to imbibe life skills in him or her as you move forward.

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