Assisted Reproduction – A new insight to it

Assisted Reproduction is the latest technological development of medical science that has shown wonders and blessed many couples with the biggest gift of having a child.

But, still a few couples despite taking the modern aids are not able to either successfully conceive or even if they do conceive, they are not able to sustain the pregnancy.

And, there are many others who do not have the adequate financial means to seek help of assisted reproduction. Such young couples feel they are extremely unfortunate and restrict their lives to a shell feeling inadequate and incomplete.

Having a biological kid is wonderful…..

Biological kids contain the same DNA as that of mother and father. They resemble their parents and grandparents and are believed to carry forward the name of the family to future generations. 

Of course, as a parent you feel very proud and happy to see how your own kid with habits or mindset which resembles you. And, of course a biological kid completes the life cycle of a couple as reproduction is considered to be an important stage of a human lifecycle.

As parents, we have unconditional love and affection towards our biological child, which is wonderful actually. As, becoming a mother or a father is indeed the biggest joy in the world! 

But, what if you have been struggling to become a parent?

Should you surrender to your circumstances or should do something to fix them up. Why go through multiple painful procedures endlessly when you can look around for solutions.

Is there any option available other than having a biological kid?

Do you know that India alone has more than 20 Million orphan kids who are desperately waiting to be adopted by doting parents. Such innocent kids are left to the mercy of orphanages always seeking love, affection and care of parents.

Having a biological kid is wonderful, I am not disputing that at all. But, just think if you are having difficulty in bearing a child inside your womb, then you may look out for another wonderful opportunity of adopting a less fortunate kid.

Of course, that kid is not your biological kid but he or she is from the same source of life which created all of us. Eternally we are all connected as souls and we have all come from the Supreme soul that gave birth to all of us. And, raising an adopted kid does not make you any less of a parent rather it is the greatest deed ever.

So, just by changing our perspective of looking at life a bit differently, we can make a big difference to our lives and the life of an orphan who are always love deprived. 

The wise people say, there can never be a bigger deed than adopting a life and nurturing it with utmost love and care. 

There is nothing right or wrong in having or not having a kid. It is just a matter of perspective. With a better positive perspective, life can be better for each one of us. 

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